American students need room to grow

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by Dick Resch American students need to hit the books. According to the latest international data, the United States ranks 24th among 34 developed countries in math and science achievement – well below countries like Slovenia, Vietnam and the Czech Republic. Our dismal academic performance has real consequences for our economy. If U.S. students were to match the test scores

School district weather-related closings, delays and dismissals

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The three major St. Cloud metro area school districts will work with one another again this winter on weather-related emergencies. In a renewed effort to gather accurate weather information, the school districts will continue to rely on the expertise of the National Weather Service and St. Cloud State University meteorologists for weather forecasts, and both city and county officials for

Colleges need to sync-up student skills with modern demands

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by John Hyde and Amy Bravo Many of today’s college students are stunningly ill-prepared for the professional world. What’s worse, they don’t even realize it. A new survey from the Association of American Colleges and Universities finds that about 70 percent of college students think they possess the critical thinking skills needed to succeed in the workplace. But less than