Is Opinion Page too opinionated?

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It’s always perplexing and a bit amusing when some readers call the Newsleader Opinion Page “too opinionated.” After all, it’s not called the Opinion Page for nothing. Some other readers like to criticize Opinion Page writers for being “too one-sided” or “too partisan” or “too negative” or “unfair and irresponsible.” When letter-to-editor writers or angry callers use those terms, they

Connection seeks bag-stuffers

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Volunteer bag stuffers are needed by the Sartell Senior Connection. Some of the Connection’s members will stuff bags with gifts for the runners at the upcoming Sartell SummerFest Mayor’s 5k run and the Kids’ 1k Fun Run Friday, June 8 at Sartell City Hall. The bag-stuffing has become an annual tradition by some members of the Sartell Senior Connection. Anyone

Memorial Day 2012 will long be remembered

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Memorial Day 2012 in Sartell is a day every resident will likely remember for a long, long time. To paraphrase novelist Charles Dickens, it was the best of days; it was the worst of days. May 28 began in Sartell with a moving, well-attended Memorial Day ceremony in Veterans Park. The night before, it had rained cats and dogs, but

City’s monument commemorates 150-year-old conflict

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by Rosie Court St. Joseph Historical Society Minnesota’s heritage is rich in historical and cultural events. To preserve these events, monuments were constructed throughout the state at designated sites. Located in St. Joseph near Centennial Park is a monument built in 1941 by the federal Works Project Administration. The structure commemorates a blockhouse erected as a defense to protect settlers

I like Facebook; I dislike Facebook

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People often ask me what I think of Facebook. “Not much” is my answer. Well, actually, I should say, “I like it and I dislike it.” I like Facebook because it’s fun to keep up with old friends or acquaintances whom I’ve lost to those twin tyrants – time and distance. In just the past couple of years, it was

Senior Connection moves into storage

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by Dennis Dalman Members of the Sartell Senior Connection all have a “wait-and-see” excitement about the new center they will move into next fall. “We’ll just have to wait and see,” said member Gerri Boser. “We’re not sure what it will look like yet because there’s going to be extensive remodeling in that part of the building. So we’ll

‘Gopi’ scores big in Natl. Geography Bee

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by Dennis Dalman As of May 22, Gopi Ramanathan of Sartell was among the 10 finalists in the National Geography Bee in Washington, D.C. The final rounds of the Bee were expected to take place starting at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, May 24, too late for the Sartell Newsleader’s May 23 deadline. His academic-extension advisor, Lori Dornburg, called the Newsleader