‘Lucky’s’ makes cats, families very happy

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by Dennis Dalman news@thenewsleaders.com In her six years as the owner of Lucky’s Place, Janet Hansmeier has made a lot of cats happy – not to mention the happy families who adopted them from her cat shelter. That’s 500 happy cats and several hundred families, including some in the St. Joseph and Sartell areas. Hansmeier’s non-profit Lucky’s Place has a

Pristine’s ‘Mud Hen’ causes a stir

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by Dennis Dalman news@thenewsleaders.com The Meyers of St. Joseph – Joe, Pete, Todd – have caused a worldwide interest in their new product – the “Mud Hen.” At a recent trade show in Las Vegas, the Meyers were pleased with the keen interest in the “Mud Hen,” a portable machine that can recycle slurry water on-site for concrete projects. The

Extremists should stop attacks against women

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The right-wing extremists are at it again. Like termites, they are determined to unravel and then destroy all the rights the people in this country have secured through so many struggles. In the past year, they have tried to whittle away access to voting by creating all sorts of registration barriers, including the need for photo IDs to prevent election

Be sure to save your receipts

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They say you get what you pay for. Not these days you don’t. Nowadays you can spend an arm and a leg and still end up with a piece of junk. Recent examples: one telephone, three phone batteries, two coffee makers, a CD player, a baker’s dozen of kitchen utensils – to name just some. Good thing I keep receipts.