Refugee/immigrant news: Somali woman seeks a home in our midst

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Tani waa kuu muhiim adiga.  Fadlan aqri. Ogeysiis!  Importante para Usted, por favor léalo. Please read! Announcements brought to you by Cultural Bridges of St. Joseph, a committee of Central Minnesota Community Empowerment Organization. We are dedicated to ease your transition into our community. by Kaylee McGovern I’m not from Minnesota. I was born and raised in Washington state, just north of Seattle,

Remodeling on schedule at old high school

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by Mike Knaak Remodeling the old Sartell high school for use by middle school students in grades six through eight is on schedule, school board members were told at their Oct. 21 meeting. Interior demolition is complete and framing has begun in what was the media center. Concrete is being poured in what will be science rooms below the

Applications open for legislative page program

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High school juniors have an opportunity to spend a week at the Capitol as a legislative page. Applications for the page program are now open for the 2019 session with a Nov. 28 deadline. High school pages attend meetings with legislators, constitutional officers, members of the judiciary and others. Pages also assist members and staff during House floor sessions and

Social networks are publishers, not platforms

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When online message boards, chat rooms and discussion lists first appeared in the digital world, they were much different than today’s social media environment. In the 1990s, they were viewed as digital “bulletin boards,” much like physical bulletin boards, where contributors could post words and photos for public display. At the time, lawmakers, under pressure from free speech advocates, wrote

In search of DC friends, Trump needs a dog

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“If you want a friend in Washington,” Harry Truman once said, “get a dog.” Truman is one of my favorite presidents. He faced the more consequential challenges of the 20th century – dropping the first atomic bomb, desegregating the military, recognizing the state of Israel. And he did it with a no-nonsense attitude. If you visit Independence, Missouri, devote a

New measures making roads safer

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During the last few months, there have been several measures taken by the state of Minnesota and local police forces in an attempt to reduce driving accidents and make the roads safer for all drivers. There is the increasing prevalence of roundabouts and other better-designed intersections, the new hands-free law that took affect in August, and most recently, the blue