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Kris Dickhaus, Melrose

I am a business owner with a degree in education, looking for the sheriff candidate that will best serve and enforce the law in Stearns County.  Dave Bentrud has the knowledge, commitment and experience to do just that. 

As a former educator, I can’t even fathom the thought of moving from classroom to superintendent position without proper training, education and experience.  As a business owner for over 20 years, I could offer the same argument.  To become a successful business owner, you typically work as an understudy in every area of the business.  My point being, Dave has worked his way up through the ranks of law enforcement, giving him credibility to become an excellent sheriff.  He has shown his dedication by earning his master’s degree, his commitment by becoming an adjunct instructor at SCSU and his leadership skills as Waite Park’s police chief.

Furthermore, Dave truly cares about the entire county.  He has asked Bob and I several times what the west side of Stearns County needs and wants to improve our communities and to feel safe.  Dave has a wife and school-age children which keeps him relevant when it comes to schools, students and teacher’s needs.

            As a business owner and wife of Lt. Bob Dickhaus I am certain that the sheriff’s office needs a sheriff that can manage all the departments within the sheriff’s office, assign tasks and have control over the employees along with making crucial decisions.  The only candidate qualified, responsible, committed and experienced to take on this task is Dave Bentrud.  Join me in voting for Dave Bentrud for Stearns County sheriff on Nov. 6.

Author: Mike Knaak

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