Avoiding death by to-do list: 15 ways to overcome overload and work smarter

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If you’re like most Americans, you probably have a gargantuan to-do list and bursting-at-the-(cyber)seams inbox.  Workplace performance expert Jason Womack explains how to get a handle on both — and maybe even find the wherewithal to finally change your life. With 20+ tasks to add to your to-do list and an inbox full of e-mails begging for an immediate response, you may

Restraining orders can be issued against harassment

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by Judge William Cashman Any person who is a victim of harassment may seek a harassment restraining order from district court. The parent, stepparent or guardian of a minor may seek an HRO on behalf of the minor. No family or household relationship is necessary to seek an HRO which, makes HROs different from orders for protection. What is “harassment”

What you can learn from Girl Scouts selling cookies

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Often, parents claim the title of head salesperson when their children start a fundraising campaign. But according to Maribeth Kuzmeski, a stack of order forms can be a great opportunity to help your child learn a variety of valuable skills — if you help her to take the lead herself. The campaigning begins around this time every year. (And no,

New treatment for heart disease lets patients get exercise while they sleep

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A new treatment for heart disease is allowing patients to get the exercise they need to improve their cardiovascular health even while they sleep, watch TV, talk or listen to music. Called “EECP® therapy,” the painless procedure has the patient lie down on a comfortable padded table while three sets of inflatable cuffs, similar to blood pressure cuffs, are wrapped