Animal cruelty should not be tolerated

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A few miles away from St. Joseph, an unknown person or group of people held down a cat and shot the animal in the face with a BB gun. Who would do such a thing? The report was published in a local newspaper, and a Sartell family still wants an answer to that question. They deserve an answer. More importantly,

Specialty courts save society lots of money

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by Judge Frank Kundrat In Central Minnesota and other jurisdictions, various specialty courts have been instituted to address ongoing problems caused by addiction, substance abuse and family violence. Drug court has been in existence for about 10 years. It is a special court that handles cases involving drug-using offenders. These offenders are placed in comprehensive supervision, drug testing, treatment services

Sales tax extension should not be forgotten in crossfire

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Half-cent sales tax is a term Minnesotans are familiar with. They might see it occasionally on a city council agenda or read in the newspaper that the type of funding was used for a community project. However, it is not a casual issue by any means. Sales-tax funds help fund growth and development in communities. In some cases, projects would

Graduation, Mother’s Day, make May rock!

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Nothing says spring like graduations and Mother’s Day. Both are worthy causes for celebration beyond the arrival of when commencements occur and the second weekend in May arrives. They are such great occasions that when we can combine both, it makes the month of May that much more special. What mother would dispute that one of the best Mother’s Day

Hillary continues to be a trailblazer

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It’s about time Hillary Clinton is receiving the widespread admiration she always deserved. She is, once again, on the top of the list as the world’s most admired woman. It’s a wonder she was able to endure all that baiting, hounding, heel-nipping and blind hatred aimed at her all through the 1990s when her husband was president. She not only

It’s the gift of time that counts

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I’d like to someday change the common quip, “It’s the thought that counts” to “It’s time that counts.” Mother’s Day is a bittersweet holiday for many, including myself. It was two years ago this weekend I lost my mom. While others are bustling about trying to find the perfect gift for their mothers, I’m just trying to find the strength