Saving babies is the key to stopping terrorists

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Nancy Schramel, Sartell

Nov. 6 is Election Day. The most important issue is pro-life. President Trump is for candidates (who) are all pro-life. Saving babies is the key to stopping all terrorists.

Since President Tump’s election, terrorism is way down. He is keeping us safe at the border. It is no coincidence a caravan of immigrants, a mob, is coming right before the election. People are being paid to come over to try to vote and more crime, drugs and bankruptcies for Americans.

Let’s help save lives by stopping abortion, stopping the mob, keep Judge Kavanaugh and stop the caravan.

Let’s live again with President Trump. Many jobs are here, lives are being saved and freed because of our great President Trump who makes America Great Again.

Author: Mike Knaak

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