Dingmann retires after 30 years as mail carrier

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by Dennis Dalman news@thenewsleaders.com Although she has lived in St. Cloud for most of her life, Evie Dingmann considers Sartell her second home – a home she learned to know door-to-door, mailbox by mailbox. After 30 years as a mail carrier for Sartell, Dingmann retired recently at age 72. “It was a great job,” she said. “I really loved it

Board should explain spring-break decision

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It’s unfortunate the Sartell-St. Stephen School Board and the school district’s superintendent seem to have unplugged the lines of communication regarding the ongoing spring-break controversy. On Jan. 23, the board voted 4-2 to discontinue week-long spring break for the 2012-13 school calendar year and, instead, place on the calendar five days-off here and there, creating – in effect – three-day

Board’s spring-break decision upsets hundreds

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by Dennis Dalman news@thenewsleaders.com Simmering dissatisfaction with the elimination of school spring break has boiled over into a virtual protest movement among many Sartell residents. More than 150 of those concerned citizens – students and parents – attended the Sartell-St. Stephen School Board meeting last Monday and presented signed petitions with more than 300 signatures. They came to request the

Survivor warns: Pay attention to your body

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by Dennis Dalman news@thenewsleaders.co Because of a sudden heart attack, Bruce Theisen of Sartell lost two days of his life to an oblivion close to death, but he’s happy to be back from that brink. Most of all, he is thankful for the two Sartell police officers who coaxed his stopped heart back to life by using a defibrillator. If

You can’t herd cats when they’re too smart

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Now I know what the phrase “herding cats” means. Literally. “Herding cats” is defined as “something virtually impossible to do.” Yes. Like catching the homeless cats in my backyard. Last summer, a little girl, selling stuff for school, knocked on my door and saw cats in the window. “Oh! You have two cats,” she said with that sweet, breathless excitement

EDA annual report shows progress

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Cynthia Smith-Strack is quick to tell anyone economic development is a process – not an event. It is something that takes time to blossom and sustain itself. Smith-Strack, the St. Joseph Economic Development Authority’s consulting director, presented the EDA’s annual report for 2011 to the city council last month. Economic development has been an active process in the city of

Reader says Minnesotans should vote Republicans out of office

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Kent Nelson, Sartell resident Walt Kelly’s Pogo said it best, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Minnesota Republicans have adapted this saying as their guiding or standard bearer in governing the state. As Republicans view their fellow Minnesotans they see the following: bad teachers, eliminate seniority; bad workers and bad unions, pass RTW; bad local governments and

Pre-existing condition? Check out PCIP

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If you’ve ever had a bout with cancer, as I have, you know how virtually impossible it is to find an insurance plan that is even remotely affordable, unless you’re rolling in dough. And who is these days? About a year ago, I had a cancerous growth removed from one of my vocal cords. I was lucky. It was early-stage.