Church of St. Joseph raises $1.63 million for capital campaign

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The Church of St. Joseph raised $1.63 million during a capital campaign to renovate their sanctuary, the parish announced Dec. 10. The parish had set a stretch goal of $1.5 million. “As with any very old building, you never know what surprises we might encounter during construction,” said Dean Budde, campaign co-chair, in a statement. “We are thankful for the

Demuth says voters are looking for results

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by Mike Knaak Just two days after winning election to the Minnesota House of Representatives, Lisa Demuth gathered in St. Paul with 38 other newly elected house members for orientation. “It was awesome,” Demuth said of the program. “To hear the history of the Capitol from an inside perspective was humbling. The magnitude of what I have been elected

Community Center ready for pickleball action and more

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by Dave DeMars After years of hoping and wishing, the establishment of the St. Joseph Community Center is finally taking shape. The first recreational sport laid out in the new center are two pickleball courts. Now what’s needed are people to use them. When the city took over the care and maintenance of the old Kennedy Elementary School, there

A life of opening doors

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by Mike Knaak Jerry Peterson’s life has been about opening doors. Those doors led to military service, world travel, multiple academic degrees and careers as a youth minister, hospital chaplain and landscaping business. Now his “doors” are the centerpiece of a self-published book, “99 Doors to High Level Wellness: How to Live to be 100.” The book features photographs

Place of Hope seeks help to bring Christmas joy

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by Dennis Dalman Place of Hope Ministries, based in St. Cloud, is planning a wide range of holiday activities for people who are less fortunate financially or who are currently homeless. However, public help is being requested from all who live in the greater St. Cloud/Central Minnesota area. The first of the events/activities is an open house from 2-5

Nov. 30 St. Joseph people

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Brenny Transportation Inc. of St. Joseph was named  a “Top 50 Company for Women to Work For in Transportation” by Redefining the Road magazine, the official magazine of the Women In Trucking Association. According to Brian Everett, publisher of Redefining the Road, there are five key features that distinguish companies recognized on this list: corporate cultures that foster gender diversity; competitive