Instead of Democrats, stick with Trump

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Bob Grise, St. Joseph Chaos replaced competence in the Oval Office writes Editor of the St. Joseph Newsleader, Mike Knaak. Democrats’ policies are so bad they can’t win the debate, so they call those that disagree with them names like Russian stooge, racist, homophobe, climate denier and now causers of chaos. No chaos when nice guys like George Bush and

Embrace a plant-based diet for the new year

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Serge Nesbitt, Sartell The end-of-year/New Year holidays seem to whiplash us from one extreme to the other: eat, drink and be merry versus the customary New Year’s resolutions: reduce social media, reduce weight and embrace a plant-based diet! One third of consumers already report reducing their consumption of animal foods. Hundreds of school, college, hospital, and corporate cafeterias have embraced

Roads unite Republicans, Democrats

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What does it take to get six Democrats and three Republicans to work on the same goal? The answer: When Minnesota needs federal money to rebuild roads, bridges and highway interchanges. Most of Minnesota’s congressional delegation wrote to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao asking why the state didn’t get any funding through the Department of Transportation’s Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage

St. Cloud State dropped the ball on sports gender equity

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When St. Cloud State University announced last month it was dropping football, fans, students, athletes and alums debated the wisdom of that move as a strategy to save money and work toward gender equity in sports. Many universities tie their branding to high-profile, successful teams, but the debate over football misses a more important point: the university has failed miserably

Is climate change coming? It’s here!

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Sometimes, when I hear the words “climate change,” I laugh. I laugh not because climate change is funny; it’s the unfunniest topic of all. I laugh because some people choose to ignore what’s happening right in front of their noses. That is part of the humor in a true story brother-in-law Kurt told me years ago. One scorching summer afternoon,

Thanks for sharing veterans’ profiles

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Rosie Court, St. Joseph Thank you to Tom Klecker, American Legion Post 328 member, who for the past year interviewed veterans and profiled those honorable men and woman in our area who served our country. Your narratives of those veterans shared their personal history, their military service, sometimes painful to describe and other times transforming their lives. It gives us

After chaos, ‘competent’ looks appealing

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When it’s time for your annual job review at work and your boss rates you “competent” that’s not a time for celebration. A “competent” rating means you won’t be fired, but you probably won’t be getting a raise or promotion either. A competent performance is indeed a low bar…everywhere but in politics where it appears beyond reach. No wonder only