First Amendment knowledge grows

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Here’s some good news. The First Amendment Center of the Freedom Forum Institute announced the results of its annual State of the First Amendment survey, which discovered the public has generally become more knowledgeable about rights under the First Amendment during the past year. You can read the entire report here.  Seventy-one percent of respondents were able to correctly name

Moon landing shows what’s possible

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We need another moon landing. No, I’m serious. Fifty years ago, the United States achieved something that was once thought impossible. Three men traveled through outer space, landed on the moon and returned home safely. It was an outstanding moment in human history. Despite the multiple crises and antipathy raging throughout the world, people came together to watch it in

Handicapped access to businesses needed

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Juliana Howard, St. Joseph   This month marks the one-year anniversary of my residency in St. Joseph. I am a big promoter of our little town and have nothing but good things to say about it, except one thing. I will frame it as a question and maybe someone can give me an answer. Why, in this vibrant, welcoming community,

Vote yes for strong schools, community, future

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Chanda Larson, Sartell Teaching in a neighboring district, I’ve experienced the stark realities of failed levies: class sizes of 36-40 students, increased special education caseloads, college and AP courses cut, families experiencing difficulties transporting their children to school due to busing cuts and students not able to participate in athletics and activities they love because of increased fees. As a

A census undercount hurts us all

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Proposing a citizenship question on the 2020 Census is nothing but yet again another bright shiny object that distracts us from the real issue – the purpose of the census and the importance of an accurate account. An inaccurate count threatens our voice in government at all levels and could rob us of government funding for programs we all depend