Waite Park mayor supports Bentrud

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Rick Miller, Waite Park As mayor of the city of Waite Park, I proudly and enthusiastically write a letter supporting our Chief Dave Bentrud, for our next Stearns County sheriff. Chief Bentrud has served the city of Waite Park well. From managing a multi-million-dollar budget, to managing a staff of 24 people, to taking on the latest crime explosion of

Campaign ads have reached a new low

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Christi Scherber, Richmond Campaign ads have reached a new low. Democrat mail was called “deliberately deceptive” by WCCO. Ads attacking Jeff Johnson’s healthcare plan were given a D- by KSTP for making false claims. Now, it’s hit home with Democrat Joe Perske repeating these lies about Jeff Howe.   We all know the healthcare mess was started by MNsure in

Perske will vote his conscience

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Vern Barthel, Sauk Rapids I got to know Joe Perske after a very tragic event in my life, and in the Sartell community. We have stayed in touch since. I worked at the Sartell paper mill for 35-plus years when there was an explosion and fire on May 28, 2012, that would soon thereafter close the mill. Joe was mayor of Sartell at the time of the explosion. When I had served as a Union Financial Secretary at the paper mill for 22 years, Joe reached out to me and our local union president by inviting us to his home to discuss what we thought the future was for the mill, how the city could help, and most importantly how he himself could help. He realized what the mill had meant to its employees and the city of Sartell. He understood the good-paying jobs and the tax base the mill had provided. I do not, and never have, voted along party lines. I have always voted for the candidate I feel will best represent my beliefs. I believe Joe Perske is the candidate we want to fill the Minnesota Senate seat in District 13. I believe Joe will vote his conscience first rather than along party lines. As an example, his pro-life stance is definitely not what the Democratic party represents. He will stand up for what is right and that is why he has earned my respect and my vote. Hopefully, you will join me by sending him to the Minnesota Senate seat in District 13.  

With big voter turnout expected, be prepared before heading to vote

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From the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office last week came the news that Minnesotans are on a record pace for voting with absentee ballots. As of Oct. 11, 223,688 absentee ballots have been requested by Minnesota voters and 85,438 have been accepted by election officials. According to state officials, the request rate is 209 percent more than the same time

Tommy-Johnny game lives up to its hype

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Every year, a sea of red and purple fills the stands of a college football field in observance and anticipation of one of Minnesota’s most well-known sporting traditions. This is, as many in our area may know, the Tommy-Johnny football game between St. John’s and St. Thomas universities. It’s a grudge match between two of Minnesota’s top private colleges, and