When will we see the last of firsts?

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After a 150 years, you’d think we would have lost our fascination with firsts. In its Jan. 28, 1869 edition, the St. Cloud Journal reported Carl Christian Schurz was the first German elected to the United States Senate. The good people of Missouri elected Schurz, described as a German revolutionary and American statesman and journalist. After emigrating from Germany, he

Face front, true believers, one last time

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On Monday, Nov. 12, to paraphrase Obi Wan Kenobi, millions of nerd voices cried out in terror as one particular voice was silenced. Stan Lee, who co-created the Marvel Universe (the Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-Men and more), passed away at age 95. This is the second time in my life when I heard of the death of a celebrity that

School levy cost too much

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Henry  Smorynski, Sartell The recent defeat of operating levy for District 748 likely has many reasons for individual voters. The school board and the superintendent need to consider some things before again requesting a new levy. First, a May 24, 2016, article on the new high school referendum noted the “district likely would be asking voters in the future to

What are the lessons of elections past?

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What have we learned in the last two years? As we prepare to vote and then wait for this year’s election results, consider these lessons from 2016. Elections have consequences and every vote counts….just ask the people who stayed home last time or who voted for a protest candidate. The outcome of the last presidential election wasn’t determined by people

Ventura, Agnew were amateurs compared to Trump

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Enough. Enough of this. “Enemies of the people, lock her up, evil people, fake news, disgusting, low-IQ, crazy, mob, disgrace, a crazed and stumbling lunatic.” Donald Trump frequently uses these words to demonize people and news organizations he doesn’t like. Amid incendiary rhetoric, targets of Trump’s words became targets of 15 bombs. In Crazytown, it’s a short trip from words