Gas tax bad consideration, worse proposal

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In just a few short months, our newly inaugurated Gov. Tim Walz has had an eventful start to his term. Large amounts of snow and freezing temperatures created an almost statewide shutdown at the end of January. Sen. Amy Klobuchar also declared her campaign for president, bringing a major Minnesota candidate into the race for 2020. But as we enter

Guest column: Chisum deserves praise for soil testing stand

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Phil Ringstrom, Sartell I believe council member Mike Chisum should be commended for pulling the “engineering and soil testing item” regarding the Sauk River Regional Park  from the consent agenda during the Jan. 28 Sartell City Council meeting. When an elected representative performs his/her due diligence, their effort should be praised for representing their constituents and democratic principles. One year

Voters asked for results instead of deadlock; will legislators deliver this time?

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There’s a new look at the Capitol. Tim Walz replaced fellow Democrat Mark Dayton in the governor’s office, while Democrats won control of the House of Representatives. Thirty-nine new members, including 35 DFLers, entered the 134-member House. Over in the Senate, Republicans hold a 35-32 advantage. In addition to how to spend the state’s money and balance the budget, the

Emmer aims to get out front on blockchain technology legislation

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Technological innovation moves fast. Today’s hot new gadget is tomorrow’s candidate for recycling. It’s tough to keep up with 4K, 5G, AI and VR. No place is that struggle more obvious than in government. Legislation and regulation moves slowly as the gears of government creak. Meanwhile, technology and the marketplace determine what “rules” govern how the latest inventions operate. Two

The 30 percent should pay for ‘The Wall’

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We shouldn’t have to wonder any longer why President Donald Trump shows such high-five admiration for thugs posing as national leaders – that rogue’s gallery that includes Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung-Un, Recep Erdogan and Rodrigo Duterte. Trump apes their autocratic attitudes. His declaration of a “national emergency” over his obsessive fixation on “The Wall” puts him square in the camp