School district money has been well spent

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Nate McClellan, Sartell Should I vote YES and give more money to Sartell schools? In the 20 years I’ve lived here, the district has scored much higher on both reading and math achievement and the yearly progress scores have outpaced state averages. Sartell’s four-year graduation rate of 98.19 percent places Sartell High School in the state’s top 5 percent for

Pass levy to maintain quality schools

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Laura Mackenthun, Sartell As a Sartell resident, a parent of two Sartell High School graduates and one current Sartell High School student, and someone who has spent 30 years working in public schools, I encourage you to support the Sartell-St. Stephen school district levy on Nov. 5. Sartell schools have a well-deserved reputation for providing outstanding opportunities and support to students.

School levy is a good investment

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John Tragiai, Sartell For those who have lived in this community for the past 15 years like us, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard the words school levy.  In fact, there have been multiple levy votes while we’ve called Sartell home. As my wife and I near the end of our three children completing their education in this district,

Costco sale deserves investigation, accountability

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Over the past summer, I and many other residents of the St. Cloud area couldn’t help but notice the arrival of the massive new Costco store at the former Heritage Park in St. Cloud. It was a big development for shoppers in the city, and many were understandably excited to have another option for finding deals on purchases. However, the

Area legislators deliver votes on conservative agenda

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If you are a political conservative, a recent report about the Minnesota Legislature has good news for you. If you’re a liberal, the news is that you’ve got to work much harder to elect legislators who represent your views. The American Conservative Union released its ratings of Minnesota Legislators and the three people who represent our area received high scores.

Why are athletes dropping football?

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Sports Illustrated is one of my favorite publications for its dramatic photos, great writing and long-form journalism. Player profiles dig deeper than just reporting on-field accomplishments and are really mini biographies. Behind-the-scenes game stories report emotions and insights that are invisible while watching the event on TV or even in the stands. Well-researched investigations expose corruption and abuse at all