There’s no better value for your advertising dollar than The Newsleaders. It’s the only local newspaper that reaches more than 24,000 people each week, with 82 percent of our readers reading the paper from cover to cover! That means four out of five people are going to see your ad each time you advertise with us! There’s no other print solution with value like that!

Unlike radio or billboard advertising, people are able to linger over ads in The Newsleaders, making sure they get your contact information so they can patronize your business. Also, our paper is 100 percent local; local writers, local salespeople, local production. Our team lives and works in our community. We’re not a large corporation with offices in other states, transferring you to a call center for ad placement. If you want advertising experts who understand your local business and your local customers because they’re part of your local community, look no further than The Newsleaders.

Below are our ad calendars and rate information, as well as our special package pricing. Call us today at 320-363-7741 to get started! Ad deadlines are 3 p.m. Monday of publication weeks. We include free ad design services by our on-staff designer.

2020 Publication Dates*

Jan. 10

Jan. 24

Feb. 7

Feb. 21

March 6

March 20

April 3

April 17

May 1

May 15

May 29

June 12

June 26

July 10

July 24

Aug. 7

Aug. 21

Sept. 4

Sept. 18

Oct. 2

Oct. 16

Oct. 30

Nov. 13

Nov. 27

Dec. 11

Dec. 25

Quarter 1 2020:

Finances, Taxes & Estates: Jan. 24

Valentines: Feb. 7

Abduction awareness: Feb. 21

Dental Supplement: March 6

Sartell Sabres spring sports: March 20

Easter promo March 20

Quarter 2 2020:

Sartell-St. Stephen Spring Resource Guide (biannual) – April 3

Summer Sports (Muskies, Stone Ponies, St. Cloud Rox) – April 17

Earth Day – April 17

Police Salute – May 1

Healthcare recruitment – May 15

Sartell-St. Stephen Grad Tab – SHS seniors featured with student photo and name, parents’  names and future plans in a second section to the weekly Newsleader – May 29

St. Joseph Grad Page – Listing of all St. Joseph students from the eight area high schools they  attend – May 29

July 4 Festivities – June 26

St. Joseph Resource Guide (annual) – June 26

*All dates and promotions subject to change. Consult with your sales rep for more information.

2019 Basic Ad Rates

The following rates are for the same ad to be placed in both the Sartell-St. Stephen and the St. Joseph editions. For information on placing an ad in only one edition, please contact your ad sales rep.

Our most popular sizes:


2 columns x 2 inches: $150.40

3 columns x 3 inches: $338.40

4 columns x 4 inches: $601.60

2 columns x 5 inches: $376

Quarter page (3 columns x 6.25 inches): $690

Half page (5 columns x 7.5 inches): $1,320

Full page (5 columns x 14.75 inches): $2,520

Black and white:

2 columns x 2 inches: $118.40

3 columns x 3 inches: $266.40

4 columns x 4 inches: $473.60

2 columns x 5 inches: $296

Quarter page (3 columns x 6.25 inches): $540

Half page (5 columns x 7.5 inches) $1,020

Full page (5 columns x 14.75 inches) $1,920

Custom ad sizes available as well. Contact your ad sales rep for a custom price quote. Click here to download a printable rate card.

2019 Ad Packages

Ads work better when repeated as part of a campaign. To help your advertising be more effective, we have put together ad campaign packages spread over three editions to accommodate any budget. All ad packages come with the option of 4,000 impressions of a web banner ad on our website at no additional charge.

Color Packages

Package 1:

3 ads, over 3 editions, all in color.  Two 4”x5” ads and one 6”x6.25” ad.  $1,100.

Package 2:

3 ads over 3 editions, all in color, each sized 6”x3.” $850.

Package 3:  3 ads over 3 editions, all in color.  1 6”x3” ad, two 4”x2” ads. $500.

Color & Black and White Packages

Package 4:

3 ads over 3 editions, 2 color, 1 black and white. All ads size 6”x6.25.” $1,500.

Package 5:

3 ads over 3 editions, 2 color, 1 black white, all ads size 4”x5” s. $900.

Package 6:

3 ads over 3 editions, 1 color, 2 b&w, ad size 4”x5.” $850.

Package 7:

3 ads over 3 editions. 1 color 6”x3,” 1 b&w 6”x3,” 1 b&w 4”x2.”  $575.

Package 8:

3 ads over 3 editions.  1 color 4”x2,” 2 b&w 4”x2.”  Regular price: $368, package price $300.

Black & White Packages:

Package 9:

3 ads over 3 editions, sized 6”x6.25.”.  $1,200.

Package 10:

3 ads over 3 editions. One 6”x6.25,” two 4”x5” ads. $900.

Package 11:

3 ads over 3 editions, one 4”x5” ad, one 6”x3” ad, one 4”x2” ad. $550.

Package 12:

3 ads over 3 editions, one 6”x3” ad and two 4”x2” ads. $400.

Get Started Now!

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Customers can deliver or have inserts shipped directly to our plant at 1406 Sinclair Lewis Ave., Sauk Centre, MN 56378. Deadline for delivery is noon Wednesday before a Friday paper.

If you would prefer we deliver the inserts to our plant, inserts should be to our office at: 1608 11th Ave SE, St. Cloud, MN 56304 by noon Monday prior to the Friday paper you’d like them distributed in. If inserts are delivered to our location after this time, a delivery fee will be added to your charges.

The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. The publisher’s liability for other errors or omissions in connection with an advertisement is strictly limited to publication of the advertisement in any subsequent issue or the refund of any monies paid for the advertisement.



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