Fundraiser set for art students’ China trip

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by Dennis Dalman A family-fun “Drop and Shop” event will take place Saturday, Dec. 2 in Sartell to help raise funds for a trip to China by art students in June 2019. The fun fundraiser is set from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. for all children pre-school and older at Sartell High School. During the four-hour event, there will be gym

Help needed for homes for sexploited women

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by Dennis Dalman Sex trafficking is one of those vile, disgusting crimes most people would prefer to think is not happening here – not in central Minnesota. But, in fact, central Minnesota is, after the Twin Cities, second in the state for the prevalence of sex trafficking, and it’s a virtual training ground for the vicious sexual exploitation of

Council signs on to joint-resolution wish list

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by Dennis Dalman The Sartell City Council, on a 3-1 vote, decided to sign on to a collective annual list of area cities’ wishes and needs to be presented to state legislators. Sartell Mayor Sarah Jane Nicoll was not present at the Nov. 13 council meeting. Voting to approve the list were acting mayor Pat Lynch and council members

New Sta-Fit owners emphasize ‘local’

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by Dennis Dalman “Physical fitness” is practically Trevor Goodwin’s middle name. The Sartell businessman has been involved with fitness in his life and in his work for 25 years, and he’s about to get even more further involved. He and business partner Dr. Mike Balfanz of St. Cloud recently purchased the two Sta-Fit businesses in Sartell and St. Cloud.

Public-private partnership to fund parks, fields

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by Dennis Dalman The City of Sartell is going to borrow money from itself in order to fund several park-improvement projects and athletic-facility enhancements, and then the city, with help from private concerns, will pay itself back later, so to speak. The lion’s share of the $1.2-million funding would go to improvements at Champion Field and Pinecone Central Park.

Can elephants be saved by killing them?

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Killing elephants to save them? What an appalling oxymoron. Big-game hunters pay thousands of dollars for the “privilege” of shooting elephants or other exotic animals – many of them threatened with extinction. The money, we’re told, goes into conservation funds that help the elephants survive on protected territories where they are guarded against vicious poachers who kill and butcher the

Veteran Weis: Remembering is important

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by Dennis Dalman Even though he still has vivid memories of men – including four friends – being killed all around him, Rollie Weis of Sartell is very proud and happy to have served his country during World War II. Soon to be 93, on New Year’s Day, Weis is the oldest resident of Sartell and one of the