Sartell senior citizens form hiking-biking series

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by Dennis Dalman The weather was cold, but the seniors were brave. On April 25, 10 senior citizens – most from Sartell – bundled up and took a four-mile hike in the woods at St. John’s University. The temperature that morning was in the low- to mid 30s. Weeks before, when they organized their trek, the seniors assumed spring

Bangladesh building collapse should make us all squirm

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The recent horrific collapse of a garment-factory building in Bangladesh should cause people throughout the world to pause and ask some serious questions – questions that should make us all squirm. That collapse caused the deaths of at least 800 people, with more bodies yet to be recovered. For too long, some international companies have operated under a dirty little

Extended winter squelched April sports activities

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by Dennis Dalman Winter, the guest that stayed too long, put the kibosh on outdoor sports activities all through April, including sports in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District. As a result, athletes and coaches in most sports are now trying to “catch up” as best they can. The district’s activities director John Ross said scores of spring games had

Administrator Gartland to take new job June 1

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by Dennis Dalman In a stunning surprise announcement last week, Sartell City Administrator Patti Gartland announced she has accepted another job as president of the Greater St. Cloud Development Corp. Gartland, who’s has been Sartell’s administrator of 12 years, served during the mayorships of three men – Bob Pogatshnik, Tim O’Driscoll and current mayor Joe Perske. Before her tenure

Meeting set to consider Hill resignation

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A special school board meeting was set for today – Friday, May 3 – to consider acceptance of the resignation of Sartell-St. Stephen School Board Superintendent Dr. Joe Hill. The meeting will start at 4 p.m. in the board room of the District Services Building. As of press time Wednesday, no further details could be established. Hill could not be

Despite horror, Nordby plans to run again

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by Dennis Dalman When Sam Nordby of Sartell snapped a photo of runners near the Boston Marathon finish line, little did he know he had “captured” an image of a streetside bag that later exploded, bringing instant horror to what had been such a happy event. Fortunately, Sam’s wife, Laura, had finished the race 40 minutes before the two