Storytelling event was good reminder of the need to engage more

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I recently participated in a discussion on storytelling and getting to know your neighbors at the St. Cloud Library. It was so nice to interact with people I had seen in passing and, of course, meet new people in the area. I actually ran into a woman who remembered me interviewing her in 2007 when I was an intern for the

With age comes wisdom? I’m not so sure about that

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by Candi Vlasaty With age comes wisdom. I don’t know who said that but they must be older than me. I’m still waiting for my wisdom. All I get with age is gray hair, sore feet and a multitude of unexplained aches and pains. My medicine cabinet has aged with me. What used to be a few odds and ends

Writer ponders how American national character is built

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by Steve Browne This past election was touted as a battle for the soul of America. It seems by now America’s soul has been battled over more often than an alcoholic at a tent revival. The way the two sides shaped up roughly, is one wishes to conserve a unique and precious tradition of freedom and individualism bequeathed us by

Motown on Broadway is a great fit for a musical

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I wish someone could have pinched me as I read that Motown, the Detroit record label that helped discover the talents of the Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, the Temptations and Smokey Robinson, was coming to Broadway in the form of a musical. I couldn’t believe it and then again I could. It will make for a great musical. Decades since

Women’s History Month gets great introduction with iconic statue

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There’s no better way to kick off Women’s History Month than to honor a woman whose single act of courage launched a movement that continues today. A statue of Rosa Parks was unveiled recently in Washington, D.C. She is the first African-American to get a full-length statue in the Capitol’s National Statutory Hall. I have only two words in response