Gun-violence debate must consider bullying

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In the heated debate about gun violence, many factors are being considered: mandatory background checks, the possibility of banning assault weapons and multi-ammo clips, beefing up school security, a scrutiny of violent video games and more attention to people suffering from mental illness. All are good approaches. Hopefully, they will all be adopted. However, there is one factor in violence

EDA’s annual report is a telling document

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With countless news reports of a struggling economy and cities refocusing efforts on creating and sustaining economic development, it can be hard to think ahead to easier times. However, small strides can make a big difference. Cynthia Smith-Strack, the St. Joseph Economic Development Authority’s consulting director, presented the EDA’s annual report for 2012 to the city council last month. Economic

Ability to work together makes Sartell special

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The reason Sartell is such a thriving, dynamic, wonderful city to live in is very simple, really. Its people are adept at working together. One can see that in how the city staff works together as a unit to solve problems and to explore opportunities. That team spirit came to the forefront in the wake of the Verso paper mill

New collaboration tool is helpful resource

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There’s an old saying, “Never let your right hand know what the left is doing.” Well, that’s OK in certain situations but when it comes to knowing what’s going on in your town, that approach might not be the best one to take. It can also be helpful to cities who might be strapped for new ideas. Area cities work together

Pinecone Central Park will be regional crown jewel

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It’s really exciting to see, step by step, Pinecone Central Park coming together. When spring arrives, there will be a citywide – indeed regional – cause for celebration when teams gather to play ball on the new turf. The grand opening of the park will coincide with Sartell SummerFest 2013, which will guarantee a good time will be had by

Dear residents: Don’t sleep on opportunities for help

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There are only 24 hours in one day. Time can get away from us and before we know it the next day has arrived. However, sometimes a pause is warranted. When possible, it’s important for residents to take advantage of help when it’s offered by cities. With tight budgets and a struggling economy, these opportunities can become scarce. A recent

Proposed law change helps all rental property-owners

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Housing is one of the most important areas of focus for many communities. The City of St. Joseph is no different and within the city of about 7,000 residents its focus has lately been on rental housing. City officials are considering changes to city ordinances to help rental-property owners in the R1 zoning district. Specifically, the city ordinance requires new

Hats off to Sartell Danceline on its 25th happy birthday

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Congratulations to the Sartell-St. Stephen Community Education Danceline, which is now celebrating its 25th birthday. The good things brought about by that danceline are incalculable. Thousands of girls not only enjoyed dancing but they also learned confidence, self-esteem and poise while having fun. Their parents and relatives who packed the bleachers for each show also enjoyed the memorable dance numbers.