Sartell schools fall short, fail to live up to reputation

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Melissa Pickens, Sartell When my family decided to move, we chose Sartell because of the school system. Having four children (two older and two preschool age at the time), we knew education was an important factor in our decision about where to buy a house. Newspaper articles boasted about the high test scores of Sartell students. Their reputation among the people

Heroes in Boston are definition of true courage

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(Editor’s note: These reflections on the Boston Marathon bombings and the aftermath were submitted to the Sartell Newsleader by Shane Johnson, one of four Sartell residents who ran in the Boston Marathon.) by Shane Johnson, Sartell There are moments in life, and then there are moments: Those spellbinding times when the world seems to stand still as an experience imprints

They are the true ‘gutless wonders’

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Phil Ringstrom, Sartell This isn’t a game! As I sit and watch the courage of the victims and families of Sandy Hook and the firefighters and first responders of West Texas and the populace of the Boston area, I see true grit and patriotism. None of the civilian base responded with assault weapons or armed themselves to prevent these tragedies.

Reader responds to ‘More guns are not the answer’

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(Editor’s reply: My “name-calling” is meek and mild compared to the barrage of vicious name-calling and libelous personal attacks from the ultra-far-right in print, on TV and on radio. Such attacks, ridicule and outright lies are constantly aimed at President Obama, Democrats, any and all liberals, advocates of limited gun control and anybody else who doesn’t subscribe to the radical-right fringe. As an

Lines of opportunity abound with wind industry

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by John Crabtree,, Center for Rural Affairs Tapping America’s vast wind resources requires a commitment to building high-capacity transmission infrastructure. An improved electrical grid will create rural jobs in both transmission and wind industries, bring more wind energy online and help secure a clean energy future in regions rich in wind potential. Unfortunately, the existing transmission network was not