Foundation president asks all to foster Culture of Caring

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Steve Joul, Central Minnesota Community Foundation President Central Minnesota was recently rocked by some terrible tragedies in Cold Spring and Little Falls. These tragedies remind us families in our communities face difficult challenges that are multifaceted and impact us all. Amidst these challenging times, it may be difficult to see the silver lining this holiday season. Glimmers of hope I

Let’s thank our unsung heroes

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Joyce Gelle, Sartell During this season of Thanksgiving and now Christmas, my thoughts turn to those persons in our community who are our unsung heroes – namely, Police Chief Jim Hughes and the staff of the Sartell Police Department and Fire Chief Ken Heim and the staff of the Sartell Fire Department. During the Verso paper-mill fire that demanded their

Public beach on Kraemer Lake is a mistake

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Alicia Schulzetenberge Brittany Poepping St. Cloud State University   As aspiring field ecologists, my colleague and I have a heightened interest in how community developments affect our surrounding ecosystems. It has recently been proposed a public beach be added to Kraemer Lake in St. Joseph. Our concerns regarding this announcement are primarily based on the implications it will have for current

Dreamers give visionaries your ideas

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Mayor Rick Schultz, St. Joseph 320-260-0393 I want to hear from you. With the end of the year approaching and knowing there will be turnover within the city’s boards and commissions, the city needs your help. “Dreamers dream about the world being different, but visionaries envision themselves making a difference. Dreamers think about how nice it would be for

Bachmann cares about fame, TV face time

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Mike Lowry, Sartell reader Minnesota’s 6th District has become a joke in the eyes of the nation. Michele Bachmann cares more about fame and TV face time then any of her constituents. Despite her phobias about other religions, she and her husband take every chance given to cram Christianity down people’s throats. That has no place in government. There’s a little