Bachmann cares about fame, TV face time

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Mike Lowry, Sartell reader Minnesota’s 6th District has become a joke in the eyes of the nation. Michele Bachmann cares more about fame and TV face time then any of her constituents. Despite her phobias about other religions, she and her husband take every chance given to cram Christianity down people’s throats. That has no place in government. There’s a little

Candidate wants residents to be engaged

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I’m encouraged by the recent proposal, brought forth by council member Sarah Jane Nicoll, to televise all council meetings including special/committee meetings. It was voted down. Only Nicoll and Steve Hennes saw the value of inclusiveness. Televising meetings would allow and encourage residents to become more engaged and informed. If elected, I’ll advocate for a more hospitable environment for citizen

Priorities of elected official are askew

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Troy Freihammer, Sartell Our elected officials know that over-indebtedness is the number-one problem facing our nation. However, most of the incumbents prefer to prioritize other hot-button issues. The national numbers concerning interest payments, deficit spending and the debt itself are so large they tend to silence any serious discussion. The scope and magnitude of the debt problem has almost become

Vote no on Voter ID amendement

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James Graeve, St. Joseph We need to vote no on the Voter ID Card Amendment for two reasons: 1. Cost: $32.9 million to implement in year one; 85 percent of those costs paid by local governments! 2. Same-day registration will be thrown out. In the year 2008, more than a half million — 542,257 – registered and voted on election

Unitarian Fellowship stands against voter ID amendment

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The St. Cloud Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has taken a public stand against the proposed Minnesota Constitutional Amendment requiring a photo ID to vote. At its October meeting, the UUF Executive Board approved the following statement: “The St. Cloud Unitarian Universalist Fellowship opposes any amendment to the Minnesota Constitution that requires all voters to present valid photo identification to vote. This proposed

Ugly politics rears its head

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Dan Thorsen, Sartell The actions of the four gentlemen on this board can only be categorized as reckless, reprehensible and potentially illegal. They were completely unqualified to make the decision that they made. Unfortunately, as they all end up being voted off the board (some sooner rather than later), the school district and our children will be the ones paying

Support Amy Braig-Lindstrom for city council

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Patty Candella, Sartell As the November election approaches, I encourage my fellow Sartell residents to think about the issues facing this city and who they feel can bring about positive change. My vote is for Amy Braig-Lindstrom for Sartell City Council. She will get results and bring fresh energy and ideas to the city council. Amy isn’t afraid to ask

Let’s elect Michelle Meyer

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Steve Skoe, Sartell The Sartell-St. Stephen School Board needs our help. There is a great deal of animosity building in the community due to a perceived lack of transparency in board actions during the last year. This needs to stop. We chose Sartell as our home in central Minnesota because of the fine school district. For 10 years we didn’t