Attention parents of seniors

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Last chance! If your senior student has not turned in their photo, after-school plans and newspaper release information for the Sartell Newsleader’s Graduation Tab, please contact Sheila Frank at 320-257-1414 as soon as possible. All seniors will be featured with their photos and names in the June 1 issue of the Sartell Newsleader unless you have notified Frank by Wednesday,

Ice-cream man brings delight to people young and old

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by Dennis Dalman When Francis Gomes of Sartell drives down the street, you’d think the circus is in town. From his vehicle a cheerful merry-go-round music drifts upon the air. And that’s when kids, parents and grandparents come running. “It’s the ice-cream wagon!” kids shout, clutching their coins. “The ice-cream wagon’s coming!” As Gomes opens his slide window for

It’s time to recommit to a policy of transparency

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Nobody likes to be micro-managed or second-guessed, and that includes school boards. When that happens, people and school boards can become defensive – sometimes overly defensive. And sometimes, unfortunately, it can cause decision-making boards to dig in their heels and pull the covered wagons in a circle around themselves. We are happy to report the Sartell-St. Stephen School Board is

College students eat lots of Ramen noodles

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I call them the “Ramen Shoppers.” They never fail to fill me with sympathy and sadness. You can see them in the grocery stores of all college towns. They are typically between the ages of 19 and 24. Pushing their grocery carts down the aisles, they take time intently pondering the price of this or that item. Sometimes they linger

Attacks against Earth Day so typical of extremists

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Some right-wing extremists want to throw out baby with bathwater. The latest example of that all-or-nothing attitude surfaced recently, again, when so many radical Republicans rapped Earth Day as some kind of demonic rite of spring. Case in point: District 11B Rep. Mary Franson (R-Alexandria). She commented about Earth Day, in a tweet message, “Absolutely infuriates me – a celebration

Engelsgjerd has a lead role in West Side Story

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by Dennis Dalman Alex Engelsgjerd of Sartell is starring as “Tony,” one of the two lead roles in a current production of West Side Story at the Paramount Theatre in downtown St. Cloud. The show is a production of GREAT Theatre. Engelsgjerd, a freshman at St. John’s University, described his role as a challenging one in a “great show.”

Chamber honors House of Pizza as Sartell ‘Business of the Year’

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by Dennis Dalman Brandon Testa received a standing ovation when his House of Pizza was named “Business of the Year” by the Sartell Area Chamber of Commerce at its annual banquet April 26 at Mulligan’s Event Center in Sartell. Also honored by the Chamber that night were Citizen of the Year Tom Offerdahl and Retired Volunteer of the Year