COL RS When seconds count

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When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. That little nugget was shared with me some time ago by a very high-ranking official in a local police department. The job of the police is not necessarily to prevent crime, but instead to clean up the mess caused by crime and to try to find the criminals well after the

‘Brave’ offers lessons for all ages

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Merida is just like any other teenager. She’s a girl trying to find herself and wanting to do so without the help of her loving and protective mother. Sound familiar? We all have a rebellious side. And in the movie, “Brave,” we see just what rebellion can get you. I recently went to see this animated tale set in Scotland

Construction now means smoother travel later

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Color trends rotate in waves. They are often repetitive. One year it’s all about black-and=white combinations. Another it can be adding shades of pink to add pops of color. Well, if brown is the new black in the fashion world this season, then orange is the color of the summer. Not just any orange, but construction-cone orange. It can be

Some cameras allowed for pilot project

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Judge Ann L. Carrott We frequently see courtroom scenes depicted in the media, whether it is in the movies or television dramas. Sometimes actual courtroom proceedings are broadcast on news programs. However, not all states allow video or audio recordings of courtroom proceedings. Historically in Minnesota, neither cameras nor recording devices have been permitted in courtrooms, except for equipment used

Let’s hope ‘cloud machine’ gets fixed

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Hunter Dubbin, who is only 7 years old, can’t wait until the Verso paper mill opens again. He has noticed there are less clouds in the sky since the explosion at the mill. Hunter, the son of Al and Linda Dubbin, lives on the outskirts of Holdingford. He is one of the four grandchildren of my good neighbors, Richard and