Time to act on 15-year-old school safety report

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It’s no surprise that gun safety measures aren’t going anywhere fast in Washington, D.C., or St. Paul. Republicans have shown little interest in action. In St. Paul, a sixth measure gun-related bill has been introduced by five House Republicans that would allow trained and permitted school staff to carry firearms. It’s HF3286 and no committee action has been scheduled. Like

Stearns sheriff race shaping up on ballot

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Stearns County will elect a new sheriff this fall. The race should be one of the most interesting and most important on the November ballot. For the first time since 2002, there won’t be an incumbent sheriff on the ballot. When John Sanner retired a year ago after serving for 14 years, the county board appointed Donald Gudmundson to fill

Time to turn talk into positive action

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Suspicion, fear, anger, even hate. When change and challenges confront us, those reactions sometimes follow. We’re again hearing white nationalist and anti-immigrant sentiment across central Minnesota including recent posters on the St. Cloud State University campus and in St. Joseph. Last week, the St. Joseph City Council backed a motion to build “a friendly, inclusive and safe community for all

Make your voice heard at precinct caucuses

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The midterm elections are 10 months away, but the first chance for voters to shape the ballot takes place on Tuesday, Feb. 6. That’s when political parties conduct precinct caucuses to begin the process of endorsing candidates, selecting delegates to conventions and staking out positions on key issues. Turnout for midterm elections is consistently lower than presidential years. But these

Fischbach’s new role needs Constitutional solution

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Constitutions are meant to be vague. Those documents are foundations for our state and national governments. They set down the basic principles and powers of our governments. The legislature, executive and courts decide the details. That works fine until something odd happens. Something odd has happened and it’s time for an update to Minnesota’s Constitution. The chain of unusual events

Pets can suffer from cold as much as people can

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With recent brutal below-zero temperatures, we should all remind ourselves every day and night that pets get cold, too. In fact, like humans they can easily get frostbite or even freeze to death when temps dip dangerously low. The problem of dogs suffering or dying in the cold has become of such concern that many states have now passed laws