Leave fireworks to professionals

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Tips for a safe, fun July Fourth The Fourth of July is a favorite American holiday. Yet mishaps with fireworks can make the holiday memorable for all the wrong reasons. Each Fourth of July, thousands of Americans are injured using fireworks, and 1,300 people injure their eyes. Eye injuries from fireworks include cuts, burns, abrasions, retinal detachment, optic nerve damage,

Transportation plan details future road needs

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There are a variety of components that make up a community. They include quality of life, business, city services and transportation. Cities plan in all four of these areas on an ongoing basis. While all are equally important, transportation has an entire plan devoted to it and St. Joseph’s was recently updated. An open house was held this month for

Internet can spread rumors faster than wildfire

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Misinformation and rumors, which used to spread rather slowly, can now spread like wildfire literally around the world in a split second. Internet social media are like vast gossip clubs where anything said is believed. A current example of that is the so-called “zombie virus.” According to a story on “Care2,” an increasing number of gullible, eager-to-believe people are espousing

Tragedy provides example of unity

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Our hearts go out to the family of Jon Michael Maus. Maus, 50, died on Memorial Day after an explosion at the Verso Paper Mill. The tragedy took Maus’ life and injured five others. It is an event branded in the memories of area residents for surely years to come. From this tragedy one cannot ignore how it united communities

Tillemans deserves our deepest respect

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It is a sad fact the veterans from World War II are hard to find. Most have died. They were part of what is widely regarded as the “Greatest Generation.” One of those veterans, however, is not only very much alive but remains as active as ever. The name of the remarkable man, who lives at Country Manor in Sartell,