Animal cruelty should not be tolerated

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A few miles away from St. Joseph, an unknown person or group of people held down a cat and shot the animal in the face with a BB gun. Who would do such a thing? The report was published in a local newspaper, and a Sartell family still wants an answer to that question. They deserve an answer. More importantly,

Sales tax extension should not be forgotten in crossfire

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Half-cent sales tax is a term Minnesotans are familiar with. They might see it occasionally on a city council agenda or read in the newspaper that the type of funding was used for a community project. However, it is not a casual issue by any means. Sales-tax funds help fund growth and development in communities. In some cases, projects would

It’s time to recommit to a policy of transparency

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Nobody likes to be micro-managed or second-guessed, and that includes school boards. When that happens, people and school boards can become defensive – sometimes overly defensive. And sometimes, unfortunately, it can cause decision-making boards to dig in their heels and pull the covered wagons in a circle around themselves. We are happy to report the Sartell-St. Stephen School Board is

Attacks against Earth Day so typical of extremists

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Some right-wing extremists want to throw out baby with bathwater. The latest example of that all-or-nothing attitude surfaced recently, again, when so many radical Republicans rapped Earth Day as some kind of demonic rite of spring. Case in point: District 11B Rep. Mary Franson (R-Alexandria). She commented about Earth Day, in a tweet message, “Absolutely infuriates me – a celebration

Volunteerism should be celebrated year-round

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April might have marked National Volunteer Week, a time to hail the contributions of citizens who donate their time, but giving back to your school, church or community is something that should be done and celebrated year-round. National Volunteer Week 2012 was recognized April 15-21. While the week of appreciation ended six days ago, it cannot be disputed volunteers deserve

All of us should re-learn tornado-survival tips

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Although Minnesotans – famously so – are a weather-hardened species, this past winter, which was practically “balmy,” has probably spoiled us to some extent. But let’s not fool ourselves. A benign winter is not necessarily the harbinger of a balmy, pleasant summer. A drought is possible, as are destructive floods. A lethal heat wave could develop, not to mention –