Retired deputy supports Soyka

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  Bruce P. Bechtold St. Joseph Last year I retired from the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office after service for 32 years (the last 14 as chief deputy sheriff). During my career I had the opportunity to work with numerous law enforcement officers including all of the current candidates for Sheriff. I have considered the qualities of each of these men

Reader encourages to vote Bentrud for sheriff

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Lowell Nielsen, St. Cloud We are having a primary election on Aug. 14 for Stearns County sheriff. We really need to have citizens get out to vote because like all midterm election years, people have a tendency to believe these times are less important. However, in the primary election on Aug. 14, we have Dave Bentrud as our Stearns County

Don’t blame Trump for following the law

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Nancy Schramel, Sartell Our President Donald Trump is the voice of the patriotic American people! We proudly stand with him to honor and defend our country, flag and veterans. He won the election which speaks volumes. He is strong and a very great leader. He is not racist. He is stopping Planned Parenthood from killing babies of EVERY race. He is

Reader says Klein column ‘my sentiments exactly’

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Rich Schwegel, St. Joseph Thank you for the excellent editorial on Chief Joel Klein. Those were my feelings exactly.  For the past few years, I worked closely with Joel to assure the safety and security of the thousands of people who attend the Joetown Rocks celebration. He was always ready to help, professional and easy to work with.  It’s sad

Reader says Newsleader showed courage standing up for Klein

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Hannah Hale, office manager, St. Joseph Family Chiropractic I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated your article about Chief Joel Klein (in the June 15 edition). It takes courage to write such a statement in a time when someone’s credibility is being questioned, with very little detail given about why. I’m glad that you wrote what you

Reader thanks Newsleader for heartfelt Klein column

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Rose Janssen, St. Joseph After reading your column today I just want to say thanks, Janelle, for the heartfelt editorial regarding (Police Chief) Joel (Klein).  I have always had nothing but great interaction with him and nothing but respect for him. Your connecting his words and his fate are sadly so true. We will probably never know but in my

Reader appeals to bullies in park to change their ways

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Steve Zaczkowski, Sartell I have so far raised, and sent out into the world, three of seven children from Sartell. I have always been proud of the proactive stance on bullying that our school system has taken. So it was with a large grain of salt that I listened to my younger children telling me about particular groups of “mean kids