Legislators on right track about minimum-wage issue

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There is an interesting debate in the Minnesota Legislature about whether to approve an “inflator” for the minimum wage. An inflator means the minimum wage would go up automatically, commensurate with the inflation rate. It would be similar to the cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security checks, although that’s been diminished in the last year or two. Some in the state

My life’s become nothing but numbers

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As we all must do, I had my annual physical recently. As a part of that examination, blood work is done. My doctor tells me almost everything that might be going on in my body can be told by my blood work-up. As a service to me, my results are printed out and shared with me. As I looked at

Reader says personal experience with Obamacare a disaster

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Irene Ertl, Sartell I am appalled that you would write an article like you wrote in the Friday March 21, 2014 Newsleader, After March 31, it’ll get better. My daughter just had her 4-year-old daughter (my granddaughter) in the doctors’ office with a case of strep throat. She had to wait for four hours to be seen by a doctor. Her

Reader says Scarbro disrespected presidents – past and present

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Sharon Fitzgerald Sartell MN (Ron) Scarbro has the right to express an opinion on any subject he chooses to (After March 31, what then? published March 21). However calling President Obama “that turkey” is really offensive. He may hate the man, but should have respect for the office – that was an insult to all presidents past and future. Scarbro,

Reader says thanks for write-up featuring his dad, a WWII vet

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Dennis Ayer, Stafford, Va. This note is in reference to the article you wrote about my Dad in the May 31, 2013 Sartell Newsleader. (Access archives at http://issuu.com/newsleaders/docs/stl053113opt/7?e=6534301/2707686.) In November of 2013 Dad passed away (www.williamsdingmann.com/ObituaryDisplay.aspx?ID=8169). I just wanted to thank you for your story about my Dad; he was my hero and it wasn’t until after his passing that I

State, country make progress in workplace discriminations

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There’s good news for Minnesota in the latest annual report on workplace harassment and discrimination from the U.S. Economic Employment Opportunities Commission. The report clearly shows a steady decline in charges against employers since 2009. Last year, in Minnesota, there were 982 charges of harassment and/or discrimination reported to the EEOC. That’s a decrease of 12 percent since 2012 and