Voters should nix proposed amendments

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It is – unfortunately – official. The Minnesota Legislature’s Republican majority voted to place yet another issue on the ballot in next November’s election. This one, if approved by voters, will make it mandatory for anyone who goes to vote to have a government-issued photo identification card. If approved by voters, the requirement would become a constitutional amendment. The other

Job seekers, take note of illegal questioning

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As if concern about economic recovery is not enough to worry about, job seekers have something else to add to their list of woes. Not only do those seeking employment have to think about how to get their resume to the top of a pile, but what they should and should not be asked to disclose during a job interview. 

Children have rights too. Protect them.

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It has been said children are our future. They are, and it is because they are that it is so important to protect them and their rights as human beings. We should do it at all costs, because there are countless cases where an action might have been ignored and the outcome was fatal. A recent media report detailed an

Response to ‘Death raises questions in gun-crazed culture’

Christian GilmanLetter to the Editor, Sartell – St. Stephen0 Comments

Steve Cornett, Sartell Dennis Dalman’s recent column “Death raises questions in gun-crazed culture” proves once again he is looking at things from a very narrow point of view. The reference to the Stand Your Ground law saying it is unnecessary because “if someone kills an attacker because of imminent threat, that fact can be established through an investigation, resulting in

Compassion burnout is modern malady

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Did you ever feel as if you are suffocating from compassion burnout? There is too much suffering in the world, and there is nothing – or not much of anything – that any individual, including me, can do about it. Oh, sure, when I’m able to, I contribute some money to this or that good cause. It’s better than doing