Can elephants be saved by killing them?

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Killing elephants to save them? What an appalling oxymoron. Big-game hunters pay thousands of dollars for the “privilege” of shooting elephants or other exotic animals – many of them threatened with extinction. The money, we’re told, goes into conservation funds that help the elephants survive on protected territories where they are guarded against vicious poachers who kill and butcher the

Is it too early for Christmas? Maybe a little

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It comes the time of year again for the holidays. Talk concerning Thanksgiving, Christmas and the approaching new year swirls around. It’s a time for celebration and family gatherings, for sharing gifts and giving thanks for what we have. As I’ve gotten older, it seems like the days keep going faster and faster every year up until this point. It

Nov. 24 public notice: Stearns County Board of Commissioners Resolution

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STEARNS COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS RESOLUTION “A Resolution to Set Public Hearings on a Proposal to Make the Stearns County Recorder Position Appointed” WHEREAS, Laws of 2017, Chapter 92, Article 3, Section 4 authorizes Stearns County to appoint a County Recorder after conducting two public hearings; and WHEREAS, the Stearns County Board of Commissioners, acting under the authority granted in

Nov. 24 St. Joseph people

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CSB and SJU ranked among top study-abroad schools Sometimes, 13 is considered to be an unlucky number. But not for the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University, when it comes to study abroad. For the 13th consecutive year, CSB and SJU are ranked among the top baccalaureate schools nationally for the total number of students who studied abroad.

Council approves Field Street assessments, building-plan changes

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by Dave DeMars With the minimum quorum of three, the St. Joseph City Council approved changes Oct. 24 in the Southview Heights Concept Plan, approved changes in the Bayou Alley Flats building plans and held a special hearing on the final assessments for Field Street. Field Street  The council held a public hearing on the final assessments for the

Why should we shop local? Let us count the ways

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It cannot be over-stated that shopping locally is one of the best ways to preserve and enrich cities, towns and rural areas. According to one study, for every $100 spent at locally owned businesses, $73 will stay in the local area whereas shopping at national chain stores results in only $43 staying local. There are many other reasons: Thriving local