Jack Frost temp doesn’t deter Polar Run Club

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by Vicki Ikeogu news@thenewsleaders.com It’s a chilly December Saturday morning in Sartell. The thermometer has dipped to around 18 degrees. Fluffy snowflakes are slowly falling as the gentle breeze assists them on their descent to the frost-covered ground. The air is crisp. Most people would be cuddled under a blanket, enjoying a warm beverage and getting ready to plan their

Robotics teams gear up at state tournament

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photo by Carolyn BertschAvid fans sit at the edge of their front-row seats Jan. 6 in the gymnasium of the Sartell Middle School to watch and discuss each round of the state robotics tournament. They are (left to right) Blake Swenson, 9; Bennett Moe, 8; and Sam Thompson, 9; all of Sartell. photo by Carolyn BertschSartell Middle School Kikbots team

Vehicle fire causes road closure

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by Dennis Dalman editor@thenewsleaders.com A flaming vehicle caused a 90-minute closing of 30th Avenue N. in LeSauk Township north of Sartell on the morning of Jan. 5. A vehicle with smoke billowing from it was reported at 6:19 a.m. near 17th Street N. and 30th Avenue N. The driver of the vehicle, a 2001 Dodge Caravan, was Joseph Sowada, 48,

St. Stephen man charged with sexual assaults

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by Dennis Dalman editor@thenewsleaders.com A St. Stephen man has been charged with sexually assaulting a young girl at least three times in the past three years. Dale David Smith, 67, allegedly abused the daughter of his girlfriend in fall 2014, according to a report from the girl, who is now 14. She said Smith also sexually abused her in the

Man charged with assaulting 5-month boy

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by Dennis Dalman editor@thenewsleaders.com A Sartell man has been accused of third-degree physical assault against a 5-month-old boy. The incident allegedly happened Dec. 29 According to the complaint, Brandon Taylor Roske, 22, first told investigators he had placed the child on a marble countertop in the home so he could change the boy’s diapers. Roske then said when he reached

We can all help in fight against global warming

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The recent blast of below-zero weather in the nation has been miserable but educational. Many ask, “How can there be global warming when it’s so cold?” Most people seem to be learning the difference between weather and climate, thanks to such excellent, factual information in the media during this recent cold snap. Here are some of those facts: Climate is

Ghosts whisper at Beaver Lake cabins

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One of the pleasures of interviewing people for stories are the “small-world” coincidences that pop up during the conversation. I have often said most people do not really know one another very well, that some relationships are filled with really nifty blind connections that remain invisible. There’s a name for this mysterious phenomenon. It’s called “six degrees of separation,” which

Politicians need to cross divide

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In recent weeks, much talk has centered around the Republican tax bill that was passed into law last year. Will it lower my taxes or not? Will it spur investment and economic growth? How much does it increase the deficit? These are all questions that have flown around as the country waits to see how things will be affected. The