Fitzthum wants school safety committee

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by Dennis Dalman Sartell City Council member Ryan Fitzthum wants to start a committee that can explore proactive ways to promote school safety and to prevent school violence. Fitzthum raised that issue at the March 12 City Council meeting. Citing the recent tragedies of school shootings, Fitzthum said that Sartell schools and the police department have done a “phenomenal”

Water-pipe repairs planned for Celebration

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by Dennis Dalman A study will be done regarding city plans to do repairs in parts of the Celebration neighborhood in Sartell where water problems in a few parts of the neighborhood are severe, causing erosion and slippery-surface issues. The “fix” will require drainage and alley-surface overlays, as well as some turf restoration. Curb-and-gutter will have to be replaced

Rep. Emmer, we’d like to see you

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Has anyone seen Rep. Tom Emmer? Our Sixth District representative is running for re-election and like all members of Congress, he just completed a two-week break over Easter. March for Our Lives organizers urged members of Congress to conduct town halls during their recess to discuss gun-safety legislation. Emmer didn’t take up the challenge, but his Democratic opponent, Ian Todd

City questions could use more answers

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“You can observe a lot by watching,” so said legendary Yankees Hall of Fame catcher and philosopher Yogi Berra. I’d like to amend that famous quote a bit. “You can learn a lot by asking.” That was the idea in 2010 when the Legislature created the Council on Local Results and Innovation. The council compiled 10 performance benchmarks for cities

Gun-safety students deserve praise, not slander

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You just know right-wing conspiracy theorists, including Fox (Fake) News barkers, are in a defensive squirm when they feel compelled to attack young students demonstrating for gun-safety laws. One of those student leaders – the admirable David Hogg — has become a lightning rod for the bad-mouthing of the Ultra-Right-Wing folks. Have they no shame? Instead of championing those idealistic

Don’t place all eggs in one basket holds true for finances, advertising

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By day, I’m a mild-mannered newspaper guy. But by night… I’m a dad. But by later that same night, I have a secret identity; I am a cartoonist. (St. Joseph readers have seen my latest strip created exclusively for this paper.)  One of the important facets of making my content in the future (read “future” in a dramatic voice) is making sure