Math wiz Sura competes again at state

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by Dennis Dalman For the second time in two years, Austin Sura of Sartell once again competed at the Minnesota Math Counts competition. Sura, 14, is an eighth-grade student at Sartell Middle School. His brother, Brandon, achieved the same feat, two years in a row, when he was a student in 7th and 8th grade. Brandon is now a

Floral-shop owners want community to love them back

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by Dennis Dalman Friends and business partners Jodi Wilken and Sue Mishow of Sartell are busy nearly ’round the clock, preparing their shop, “Enchanted Floral and Gifts,” for the spring-and-summer season. However, sometimes they get a sinking feeling their dream shop might be on a list of doom — the list of floral shops that have closed in Sartell.

Sartell woman opens ‘J-Whitty’ boutique

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by Dennis Dalman Joy Landeen-Shea of Sartell has just embarked on a new adventure — opening her own business. Located in Sauk Rapids, it’s called “J-Whitty Creations and Boutique.” She decided to name the shop after her children — the “J” for Jacob, 12, the “Whitty” for the nickname of daughter Whitney, 11. Some people have asked Landeen-Shea, “Why Sauk

Chef Koster cooks meals in homes

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by Dennis Dalman Some people day-dream about a fabulous chef magically appearing in the home kitchen to whip up a delicious dinner. As a long-time caterer, Nina Koster of Sartell has made that dream come true for families – many times. And now, she is about to launch her own business called “My Chef.” There will be a party

ObamaCare detractors should offer alternative proposal

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Monday was the beginning of what might prove to be one of the most momentous Supreme Court decisions in the past half century. At issue is whether the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act (sometimes called ObamaCare) is or is not constitutional. The nine Supreme Court justices began hearing testimony, pro and con, Monday. After testimony, the justices will

Death raises questions in gun-crazed culture

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The murder of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., has rightfully raised howls of outrage far and wide. His senseless death, hopefully, will not be forgotten. Maybe, just maybe, we can all learn something from it and start facing head-on the problems caused by this gun-crazed culture. Martin’s killer – 28-year-old George Zimmerman – was not arrested simply because he claimed

Compost site opens early

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The signs of unusually warm early spring weather are everywhere, including at the Sartell compost site. Because residents have already been cleaning up yard waste, the compost site will be open for the next two Saturdays (March 31 and April 7). Hours of operation on both days will be 8 a.m.-4 p.m. A compost permit is required. The permits may

Community Gardens has waiting list

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Even though there is a waiting list for the Sartell Community Gardens, city residents are welcome to add their names to the list – which is a fairly short list. There is always a possibility those who have signed up might move or decide they don’t want a patch after all, as planting time approaches – sometime in mid-May. There