Tommy-Johnny game lives up to its hype

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Every year, a sea of red and purple fills the stands of a college football field in observance and anticipation of one of Minnesota’s most well-known sporting traditions. This is, as many in our area may know, the Tommy-Johnny football game between St. John’s and St. Thomas universities. It’s a grudge match between two of Minnesota’s top private colleges, and

Should sheriffs be elected or appointed?

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Twenty-seven men – yes, they’ve all been men – have served as Stearns County sheriff. On Nov. 6, Stearns County voters will elect the 28th sheriff. In recent times they’ve been elected, but the job didn’t start that way. On March 3, 1855, three Stearns County commissioners appointed Luther B. Hammond as the county’s first sheriff. The three commissioners were appointed

All work and no pay makes Jack a dull boy

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I’m thinking of adding a third story on to my house. Since I have this column, allow me to solicit anyone who does such work. I’ll also need a bathroom, so not just carpenters and architects, but plumbers too. It’s a really great project, but I don’t have any money. Instead, I’ll let you work on my house and it’ll

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Sometimes the news can’t wait. And readers can’t wait until Friday to get it. That’s why for the past few months we’ve been publishing more news on our website, Daily updates online include significant local news from Sartell, St. Stephen and St. Joseph that readers need to know right away such as actions by local government, election returns and