Community showcase is good addition to city

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Cities pride themselves on what sets them apart from their neighbors. Whether it’s a vibrant arts community, good schools, good roads or affordable housing, a city’s amenities and overall vibe is what makes residents want to live there and visitors stop in. The St. Joseph Area Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a community showcase. What better way to show off

Many politicians held hostage by threats of gun lobbyists

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Just who is our U.S. Congress representing – the gun lobbyists or the 90 percent of Americans who, in poll after poll, are strongly in favor of universal background checks for prospective gun buyers? It’s understandable, to some degree, that many people are opposed to banning the sale of military-style assault weapons, even though arguments against banning them are specious,

Student interaction is a plus for local government

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Seasoned residents are not the only ones taking notice of city government and its plans for the future. Students from the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University are also sitting in the council chambers to gain an awareness of city happenings. It’s nice to see them there. They are residents and should be there. It doesn’t matter if

Kudos to school district that honors all arts

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It’s a treat to see the interior of Sartell High School – and other schools – in Sartell so enlivened with art works. Most of us take art for granted. Life would be quite humdrum dreary without art. Imagine what the daily world would be like without all of the elements of art, of beauty. Without the architectural harmonies of

Support old, new city traditions

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There’s nothing like a good comeback. That second time around might be just what was needed to revive an event or start a new tradition. Well, the St. Joseph Park Board is in comeback mode and it should be commended for it. While lack of funding of projects and not having enough volunteers are easy deterrents in moving projects forward,

Sartell Sabres shine even after state loss

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There are winners; there are losers. On March 20, the Minneapolis DeLaSalle Islanders were the winners of the high-school basketball 3A state championship. The Sartell Sabres were the losers, with a score of 70-55. That’s a fact. But beyond that fact, the words “winners” and “losers” should be re-examined. Winners are those who, despite losses, take responsibility and move on.

Volunteer beyond routine events

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Earth Day is just around the corner as the month of April is just days away. It’s the time of year when students and community members rally, unite and pledge to help clean up a neighborhood park or two. That’s great, but don’t wait until Earth Day to give back to your community. Volunteer year-round. It’s easy to sign up

To win again, Grand Old Party must connect with all Americans

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Will the Grand Old Party recapture its soul and forge a “new and improved” identity, a way to win elections? It’s doubtful, based on last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Committee gathering. At that event, doubling-down seemed to predominate over soul-searching. There was vociferous doubling-down on slavish adherence to the National Rifle Association, on trickle-down economic theory, on opposition to ObamaCare