Reader says funding pre-K makes a lot of sense

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Ben Davis, Sartell By 2018, 70 percent of jobs in Minnesota will require a post-secondary degree. To set our kids up for success, let’s ensure they have a strong foundation – even before kindergarten. $1 invested in pre-K can save the public $16 on welfare, crime, and remedial classes. And with a college-educated public, higher earnings lead to increased revenue.

Reader says personal experience with Obamacare a disaster

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Irene Ertl, Sartell I am appalled that you would write an article like you wrote in the Friday March 21, 2014 Newsleader, After March 31, it’ll get better. My daughter just had her 4-year-old daughter (my granddaughter) in the doctors’ office with a case of strep throat. She had to wait for four hours to be seen by a doctor. Her

Reader says Scarbro disrespected presidents – past and present

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Sharon Fitzgerald Sartell MN (Ron) Scarbro has the right to express an opinion on any subject he chooses to (After March 31, what then? published March 21). However calling President Obama “that turkey” is really offensive. He may hate the man, but should have respect for the office – that was an insult to all presidents past and future. Scarbro,

Reader says thanks for write-up featuring his dad, a WWII vet

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Dennis Ayer, Stafford, Va. This note is in reference to the article you wrote about my Dad in the May 31, 2013 Sartell Newsleader. (Access archives at In November of 2013 Dad passed away ( I just wanted to thank you for your story about my Dad; he was my hero and it wasn’t until after his passing that I

Then, what is the answer, Mr. Scarbro?

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Dave DeMars, Sauk Rapids True to form your guest columnist, Ron Scarbro takes up the Republican/Tea Party drum beat to denounce the efforts by the Obama administration to do something about our messy health care system. “. . . this whole deal is an unmitigated disaster,” according to Scarboro. Maybe – maybe not. I trust Scarboro would not defend the status

Local grocers clean up on aisle four

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Paul F. Ritzenthaler, St. Joseph It’s been happening with regular occurrence. I go into a grocery store, order the products that are advertised as being on sale and upon checking my receipt, find I have been overcharged for an item that was advertised as being offered at a lesser price. I will, if you  have the time to read on, give

Turn off water-tower lights

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Wayne Birkholz, St. Joseph I’m requesting a city council review of this organization, and its goal of global involvement in shutting off non-essential lights for one hour at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, March 29. My suggestion is to shut off the lights on the St. Joseph water tower. However, I suggest we keep them off permanently for the following reasons: First, it’s

Resident says city raised instead of rebated water charges

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Tom Hell, St. Joseph With this winter’s bitter cold, many cities are recommending homeowners run a continuous trickle of water to guard against water-line freezing.  Since this procedure is a costly burden, some public utilities that felt it prudent to do so have offered rebates to homeowners. I note St. Joseph’s response was to raise the rates on water and