Bromenschenkel sets citizen meeting

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Stearns County Commissioner Mark Bromenschenkel invites the people of his district to a citizen meeting from 11 a.m. to noon Saturday, May 5 at Cafe Renaissance, 2140 Frontage Road N., Waite Park. This is an opportunity to raise any concerns, talk about county issues or simply meet Bromenschenkel. Citizens are encouraged to stop in anytime during the hour at a

Board intends to open up vacancy-filling process

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by Dennis Dalman Applications might soon be accepted from people willing to fill the seat vacated earlier last month by Sartell-St. Stephen School Board member Julie Zupfer Anderson. The application decision, however, is not yet written in stone. The school board will decide how to open up the vacancy-filling process at a special work session following the regular school

Sports reporter to speak at ‘Lemonade & Laughter’ event UB 5/4

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[media-credit id=7 align=”alignleft” width=”114″][/media-credit] John Gross, sports reporter and photographer, will speak at the fourth annual “Lemonade & Laughter” event May 8 in Sartell.   by Dennis Dalman When John Gross talks, his rapid-fire phrases illuminate the wide world of sports with one breathtaking story after another, sometimes one running right into the next one in a jumble of

City opens two firefighter positions

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by Dennis Dalman The City of Sartell hopes to get applications for the two current openings for Sartell-LeSauk firefighter positions — openings that became available due to retirements. The application deadline is Tuesday, May 15. A third opening is expected to occur this October when yet another firefighter, Bob Heins, will retire after 32 years of service. Applications are

Mock-crash fills students with horror

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by Dennis Dalman Sitting in the outdoor bleachers, some of the Sartell High School students wiped tears from their eyes, some groaned or gasped and some looked away in horror. What they were seeing looked all too “real.” A young woman, perhaps 18 year old, lay dead — face-down on a car trunk beneath the shattered windshield. Her beautiful

Pine Meadow stages its own ‘Olympics’

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by Dennis Dalman As the International Olympics’ stirring theme trumpeted from loudspeakers, a long parade of students solemnly entered the gymnasium at Pine Meadow Elementary School for Olympics Day April 20. Each class of students carried  a  large  hand-colored  flag of the country they were representing, just like in the “real” Olympics. In the front of the gymnasium, Sartell

Award-winning Strom ‘hunts’ with a camera

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by Dennis Dalman One of Shirley Strom’s favorite photographs is one of herself, taken when she was 4 years old, holding her mother’s Kodak Brownie Box camera and clutching that camera as if, for all the world, it was her own. Even then, pre-school, Strom loved cameras and taking photographs. It’s no wonder after decades of shutterbugging, she has

Dick Clark had no right to die

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How dare Dick Clark die? He wasn’t supposed to die. He had no right to die. When we baby boomers were young, that’s what we’d say, “Dick Clark will never die. He never ages. He’ll stay young forever.” That youth-obsessed delusion was our Peter-Pan goal once upon a time: never grow old, never die. That was then when the world