Sartell City Council: Amy Braig-Lindstrom

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Name: Amy Braig Lindstrom Age: 42 Family: Husband Matt, CSB/SJU professor. Children Isaac, 17; and Anna, 15, both Sartell High School students Employment: Self-employed studio potter. 1. Please briefly share relevant background and experiences. I have been a small business owner and community volunteer for 15 years. I have started farmers’ markets in upstate New York and Sartell. I went

Your tax dollars at work – the no-no list

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Ron Scarbro The State Department has an employee with a position known as “Chief Diversity Officer?” Who knew? His name is John Robinson. His job is apparently to identify violations of political correctness rules which would at some level offend someone. He then publishes these offenses to make certain they come to an end. We the taxpayers are paying for

Lions 1k, 5k run set for Sept. 22

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The Sartell Lions will sponsor its fifth annual 1k and 5k run Saturday, Sept. 22 in Lions Community Park in Sartell, right across from city hall. Registration begins at 8 a.m. The 5k run will begin at 9:30 a.m., and the 1k (for children) will begin at 10:30 a.m. Participants can also register online at Money raised from the

Humanity needs to evolve again

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I remember when computers came out of IBM and joined the rest of the world. They were huge room-sized, noisy clicking machines. As technology grew, computers shrank. When their usefulness grew, the world shrank. I think that, along with that, tolerance shrank too. At one time, countries like Africa, China and Somalia were faraway places. We needed a map or globe

Photo Poll. What do you think of recent plans to create a Sartell Community Center in the city?”

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“What do you think of recent plans to create a Sartell Community Center in the city?” (This photo poll was taken during the annual ‘Cookout with Cops’ at St. Francis Xavier Church.) 1. Myron Umerski Sartell “I’m for it. I think once you set up a center, what you’ve built is a multi-purpose unit not restricted to just one use