All precincts to be open for primary election

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Even though there will be no city candidates, Sartell will still hold a primary election Aug. 14 for any non-city candidates on the ballot. At the July 9 city council meeting, Mayor Joe Perske asked city administrator Patti Gartland if Sartell could just have one or two precincts open that day in an effort to save the city some money.

Site plan approved at Epic Center

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A site plan for two retail buildings in Epic Center was approved by the Sartell City Council at its July 9 meeting. The two buildings will be located on two acres of land between Hardees and Frugals restaurants just off Hwy. 15. At this point, it was not divulged what kind of businesses will be located within the structures. The

Everyone should have a ‘Night Out’ party

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Sartell City Council member Sandra Cordie has a new wish on her list. She wishes all the neighborhoods in Sartell would host a “National Night Out” get-together. “It’s really the easiest kind of party to plan,” she said. National Night Out began nationwide 29 years ago as local efforts to promote neighborly spirit and to strengthen community relations with law

‘Holdingford Daze’ set for July 13-14

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Food, music, games, fireworks and a farmers’ market are just some of the family-fun activities set for July 13-14 at the annual “Holdingford Daze,” which typically attracts thousands of people from throughout central Minnesota and beyond. The event this year is sponsored by the Holdingford Commercial Club. Its overall theme this year is “Down on the Farm,” a homage to

Art is joyful therapy to membrs of ‘We-R-Artists’

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When a group called “We-R-Artists” meets each month, its disabled members do not discuss their disabilities; they discuss art and art only. Organized in 2007, We-R-Artists is a central Minnesota network for artists who happen to have disabilities of one sort or another. There are about 32 artists in the group, ranging from ages 15 all the way up to

Skateboard park begins fundraising stage

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by Amber Roerick Imagine feeling the adrenaline that rushes through one’s body as they nail a kickflip, heelflip, frontside or backside 180, or a pop shove-it. For those who know what those terms are, and why they cause adrenaline rushes, their excitement may increase after they hear the news from Sartell City Planner Anita Rasmussen. About nine months ago, Sartell

Let’s hope ‘cloud machine’ gets fixed

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Hunter Dubbin, who is only 7 years old, can’t wait until the Verso paper mill opens again. He has noticed there are less clouds in the sky since the explosion at the mill. Hunter, the son of Al and Linda Dubbin, lives on the outskirts of Holdingford. He is one of the four grandchildren of my good neighbors, Richard and