Intro to 2012 has been full of loss UB: 5/25

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Don Cornelius. Whitney Houston. Dick Clark. Donna Summer. All passed away this year. All were stars in their own right. It seems lately, each time one turns on the television or reads the newspaper, he or she learns of another celebrity who has passed away. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like this has become the

Goodbye, neighbors from Hell

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Column by Candi Valasity Everyone at some point has had a neighbor they can’t tolerate. They seem to be numerous and unavoidable, but if being a neighbor from Hell were an Olympic event, mine would have a wall of gold, silver and bronze medals. At one apartment I lived in I couldn’t have anything on the wall because the bass

Take time to notice kids’ goodness

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That song, “Kids,” from the musical comedy “Bye Bye Birdie” keeps popping up in my mind. “Kids, I don’t know what’s wrong with these kids today. Kids, who can understand anything they say? Kids, they are disobedient, disrespectful oafs. Noisy, crazy, sloppy, lazy loafers . . . That song is wrong. It says more about jaded adults than it does

Celebration of icon comes a little too late

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King of Pop. The greatest entertainer who ever lived. Inventor of the Moonwalk. These are just three of the many titles given to the late Michael Jackson. He was an amazing singer, performer and one of the most giving philanthropists this world has seen. His death was a loss not only for the music industry but the world. Before I

Graduation, Mother’s Day, make May rock!

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Nothing says spring like graduations and Mother’s Day. Both are worthy causes for celebration beyond the arrival of when commencements occur and the second weekend in May arrives. They are such great occasions that when we can combine both, it makes the month of May that much more special. What mother would dispute that one of the best Mother’s Day

Hillary continues to be a trailblazer

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It’s about time Hillary Clinton is receiving the widespread admiration she always deserved. She is, once again, on the top of the list as the world’s most admired woman. It’s a wonder she was able to endure all that baiting, hounding, heel-nipping and blind hatred aimed at her all through the 1990s when her husband was president. She not only

It’s the gift of time that counts

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I’d like to someday change the common quip, “It’s the thought that counts” to “It’s time that counts.” Mother’s Day is a bittersweet holiday for many, including myself. It was two years ago this weekend I lost my mom. While others are bustling about trying to find the perfect gift for their mothers, I’m just trying to find the strength

STJ Family of the Year-2012

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Family of the Year-2012 Father Werner Council 7057 Saint Joseph, Minnesota Marvin and Carol Joan Mastey contributed article The Family of the Year for 2012 exemplifies service to the church and community and is loved and respected by many. The Mastey Family teaches us the value of responsible Christian living. They generously serve each other and others with love that