Let’s condemn Russian trio’s conviction

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The ghost of Josef Stalin still stalks Russia. Last week, a female punk-rock trio named “Pussy Riot” was convicted of “hooliganism” and sentenced to two years in prison. In the West, hooliganism has come to mean rowdy, disruptive or vandalistic behavior, usually by groups of youth. In the Soviet Union, hooliganism has long meant any kind of behavior or speech

Music makes Sparkle remake memorable

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It can be hard for writers and directors to remake films. They have to worry about staying true to the original work while giving it a new spin at the same time. Characters have to be researched and plots thoroughly developed. While it can be challenging to pull this off, the remake of the 1976 film, “Sparkle” did just that

Handwritten notes are becoming extinct. Why?

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On a recent trip to Barnes and Noble, I came across a box of quotable cards. I was more than excited as it was the first time I have seen them in St. Cloud and have often found them only at the airport. It was a good day. As I expressed my excitement, an older woman walked up and we started

Once I solve problems, I’ll buy underwear

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It was pointed out to me in a recent conversation with my bride of what will be 50 years this December, that I needed some new underwear. Now I’ve got to tell you, I don’t pay much attention to underwear. Don’t get me wrong. I wear it. I just don’t pay much attention to it. I shower, then I look

Now’s the time to go monarch hunting

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Every child – and adult, come to think of it – should have the chance to witness in person one of the most awe-inspiring spectacles of nature: the life-cycle stages of the monarch butterfly. Seeing it on film just won’t do. That’s like trying to fathom the grandeur of the Grand Canyon by seeing snapshots of it. This is the