With school year approaching, beware of signs of bullying

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A new school year will soon be upon us. The excitement of students advancing to higher grades and anticipation of meeting new teachers is all a part of the back-to-school experience. This is the fun part of heading into a new academic year. However, parents have to worry about more than making sure all supplies on the school’s list are

Prepare for upcoming election along with candidates

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Area cities are in election mode. Why not join them? Research candidates, attend public forums to meet and question candidates, attend city council and commission meetings, and get familiar with issues in your community. That is what politicians do to sway voters. As residents, be ready for them when they pitch their campaigns. August 14 marks the date of the

Colorado shooting sheds light on security at movies

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Things are bad when you can’t even take your family to see a movie. It’s bad when this pastime is no longer safe. Even the President of the United States has asked, “When will senseless violence end?” The recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado is proof that America is still a long way from being able to reply “Now” to this

Employers should work to keep employees

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A struggling economy has an impact on everyone. With some signs of improvement, there is still a considerable amount of people without work. It is a sad reality with job seekers trying to gain a break and navigate an ever-changing job market. The unemployment rate in Minnesota was 5.6 percent in May. The state’s unemployment rate was 2.6 percentage points

Be sure to attend benefit for Maus family

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It is so good to know in the aftermath of the May 28 Verso Paper Co. explosion, the man who died in that tragedy is not being forgotten. Jon Maus, 50, of Albany, left behind a wife, Lucy, and their four children – Anthony, 22; Philip, 18; Olivia, 13; and Veronica, 7. There is a strong bond, a togetherness, among

Get to know your downtown

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A city’s downtown can say a lot about a community. For some cities, it’s the first thing one thinks of at the mention of a particular city’s name. Research and planning for a downtown is a continuous process. A blueprint for St. Joseph’s downtown is something city officials have been working on for some time. It continues to take shape