Identity tax fraud is on the rise

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For many, the month of April means it’s “tax time.” With the 17th of April being just days away, there are some who are scrambling to make sure they have filed their taxes, don’t owe the government and if they do, have paid their taxes by now. As if getting through the process of filing taxes is not enough to

As Senior Connection ages, it gets better and better

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They claim as people get older, they just keep getting better and better. Well, that may be a sweeping generalization, although it certainly is true in many cases. However, one thing is for sure: As the Sartell Senior Connection gets older, it does indeed get better and better, and there’s no doubt about it. During its first meetings years ago,

Children have rights too. Protect them.

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It has been said children are our future. They are, and it is because they are that it is so important to protect them and their rights as human beings. We should do it at all costs, because there are countless cases where an action might have been ignored and the outcome was fatal. A recent media report detailed an

ObamaCare detractors should offer alternative proposal

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Monday was the beginning of what might prove to be one of the most momentous Supreme Court decisions in the past half century. At issue is whether the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act (sometimes called ObamaCare) is or is not constitutional. The nine Supreme Court justices began hearing testimony, pro and con, Monday. After testimony, the justices will

Heed spring burning restrictions

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The weather this winter has no doubt been a little warmer than expected. Many might not complain about this. Others still long for the snow that has been absent. The warm weather has not only affected the scheduling of events or natural processes but has forced the implementation of spring burning restrictions. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources started to

Salvation Army helps out 365 days in every year

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It never ceases to amaze people when they learn how the Salvation Army manages to offer such a vast array of services. During a recent open house at the St. Cloud-based Salvation Army facility, visitors heard the following statistics: 1. The Salvation Army serves close to 18,000 people who have emergency needs – both individuals and families in crisis situations.

Facts don’t lie. Buckle Up!

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Some might think a reminder to wear your seatbelt is unnecessary. Some might even think to themselves, “I already know it’s important to wear a seatbelt in the front seat.” What about the backseat? The back seat of a vehicle is not off limits. Countless studies have shown lives can be saved by wearing a seatbelt no matter where one