Clean up after your pet

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Daryl Stevens, Sartell While on a morning run Jan. 11, I tripped on a pile of frozen dog poop. This occurred on the 12th Street running path, about 25 yards east of Pinecone Road in Sartell. This caused serious injury to my left shoulder. I think most dog owners are responsible for their dogs. The city of Sartell does a great

Reader encourages, ‘Go ahead, talk to strangers’

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Carol Weiler, Sartell I agree with the editorial “It’s Time to Talk to Strangers” (in the Dec. 14 Sartell-St. Stephen Newsleader). I make an  effort to do so, and it is rewarding. When my husband and I travel outside of this country, we inevitably wind up eating a meal in a restaurant and striking up a conversation with our  neighbors at

Scrooge and Mr. Grinch deserve better treatment

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Luke Green, Sartell During this holiday season I urge community members to be mindful of the transformative power of the Christmas spirit. It presents itself in many forms: goodwill, kindness, altruism and forgiveness. Two gentleman I believe that are in need of better treatment this holiday season, and henceforth, are Ebenezer Scrooge and Mr. Grinch. One hundred seventy-five  years ago,

School levy cost too much

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Henry  Smorynski, Sartell The recent defeat of operating levy for District 748 likely has many reasons for individual voters. The school board and the superintendent need to consider some things before again requesting a new levy. First, a May 24, 2016, article on the new high school referendum noted the “district likely would be asking voters in the future to

Soyka receives endorsement from sheriff’s union

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Joe Lichy, Sartell Steve Soyka is an outstanding member of our community and sheriff’s office. I believe he is the right person to lead our sheriff’s office forward. Steve’s dedication and commitment to Stearns County shows why he is my choice for our next Sheriff. Steve recently received the endorsement of the sheriff’s patrol, correctional and dispatch unions. As a retired sheriff’s

Saving babies is the key to stopping terrorists

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Nancy Schramel, Sartell Nov. 6 is Election Day. The most important issue is pro-life. President Trump is for candidates (who) are all pro-life. Saving babies is the key to stopping all terrorists. Since President Tump’s election, terrorism is way down. He is keeping us safe at the border. It is no coincidence a caravan of immigrants, a mob, is coming