Reader says taxpayers should not fund sexual activities

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Ron Scarbro, Newsleader reader I have no intention of trying to defend Rush Limbaugh. He has fared pretty well so far without my help and he will probably do OK without me now. That having been said, I thought his recent comments were stupid. His choice of words was ridiculous. If you didn’t hear, he basically referred to a young

Op-ed Senator Klobuchar: What I want to see in the next farm bill

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U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar During the past year I’ve visited dozens of Minnesota’s businesses and farms. All over our state you see “Made in America” isn’t just a timeworn cliche – it’s happening here and it’s happening now. Wherever I go, I’m always reminded of how important farming is to our state’s economy. In fact, you could even say agriculture

Rep. Hosch explains reasons for not seeking re-election

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Larry Hosch, State Representative Mondays can be a double-edged sword. For many, Monday’s are a dreaded day where we leave the weekend behind and start another long week of work. For me, I have been lucky enough to be given the immense honor and opportunity to represent approximately 40,000 people in Central Minnesota as well as the whole state. I

Reader says ‘freedom of speech has certain defined limitations’

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Joe Blonski, Sartell Freedom of speech is a right that all Americans have to express their ideas (within certain defined limitations). Although I don’t agree with much of what Dennis Dalman places in his columns in the Newsleader, he certainly has a right to express his opinion. Interestingly Pastor Wright’s well-written commentary also doesn’t appear to have any problems with

Congregation stands behind Pastor in response to editor

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Paul E. Peterson, Abounding Joy Lutheran Church president, Sartell Our congregation, Abounding Joy Lutheran Church of Sartell, feels a need to point out some inaccuracies in your editorial of March 9, 2012.  First, you printed Pastor Tom Wright’s “personal e-mail” addressed to your Publisher Janelle and an ad person, Tara, as a letter to the editor. It was a message

School district letter addresses community

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Sartell-St. Stephen Community, The Sartell-St. Stephen School Board and Superintendent Dr. Joe Hill would like to publicly address our community on the topic of communication and transparency with respect to the district decision-making process. There has been contention regarding the decision made by the Board of Education with respect to our school-district calendar and the departure from a full-week spring

Shared beliefs on keeping receipts

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Audrey Hale Alexandria Dennis Dalman, I shared your thoughts in your column about returning defective items – to always keep your receipts. Just wanted to add a few more irritating things even if only minor ones. 1. Upside down tape or backwards on a dispenser – not noticed until home. 2. Gift bows on little cardboard strips almost totally impossible