With school year approaching, beware of signs of bullying

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A new school year will soon be upon us. The excitement of students advancing to higher grades and anticipation of meeting new teachers is all a part of the back-to-school experience. This is the fun part of heading into a new academic year. However, parents have to worry about more than making sure all supplies on the school’s list are

Mayor weighs in

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Mayor Rick Schultz Sometimes we find it easier to complain about things than to be thankful.   We easily forget that many people do not enjoy some of the services that we take for granted.  When we look around our city there are many services in operation that we just expect to be a part of everyday normal life. A livable

Graves speaks from the heart

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Bradley Wolfe Sartell I watched an online speech by Jim Graves today and was excited to see that he seemed like a genuine person. Graves seemed like he was speaking from his heart. Jim seems to really care about helping our country. With no political record, I believe that Jim Graves can go to Washington to set the partisan atmosphere

Where’s the ‘history’ on History Channel?

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Whatever happened to the History Channel? What do ice-road truckers, bayou tormenters of “monster fish” and pawn-shop wheelers-dealers have to do with history? Well, you tell me. The History Channel ought to be called the “Yahoo Channel.” It’s turned into programs of hard-scrabble people doing desperate jobs. I have trouble believing in any of it. As soon as a camera

Prepare for upcoming election along with candidates

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Area cities are in election mode. Why not join them? Research candidates, attend public forums to meet and question candidates, attend city council and commission meetings, and get familiar with issues in your community. That is what politicians do to sway voters. As residents, be ready for them when they pitch their campaigns. August 14 marks the date of the

Motherly approach to Olympics makes it more entertaining

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Something about watching the Olympics makes me want to put on a sweat suit and work out or play a sport. I often try to imagine myself diving for a hit during beach volleyball or twirling in the air as the elite gymnasts do. It is only a thought though. When I played volleyball in high school, I was definitely