Planning a trip to Mayo? Please be careful

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Please beware of the intersection of Hwy. 52 and County Road 9, which is 30 miles north of Rochester and nine miles south of Cannon Falls. “Why?” you may ask. “Why worry about an intersection in faraway Goodhue County?” The answer is because, especially at my age, I am aware of numerous friends and acquaintances in the central Minnesota area

Support city boards and commissions

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Daily activities can consume our time. There are truly not enough hours in one day – even though we all get 24. Whether it’s going to work, going to school or caring for aging relatives, time is precious. It can also be scarce. With this in mind, it is important to consider the hundreds of people who find or make

Client pulls advertising in response to ‘Extremists should stop attacks against women’ editorial

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Pastor Tom Wright Abounding Joy Lutheran Church After reading the “Our View” editorial in the Sartell Newsleader today (Feb. 24, 2012) I’ve decided to put on hold any further advertising by our church in the Newsleaders. I am a champion of our constitutional right of free speech. I believe all opinions must be heard in a healthy society.  However, I

Editor’s response to those readers who call us negative

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I understand a few of you are – once again – upset by my columns and editorials. So I am too negative, you say? Too vitriolic? What about the negative, vitriolic slash-and-burn tactics of the extreme right-wingers and Tea Party wackos who have been attacking our president and virtually every Democrat in this country? Do you also take issue with

Reader chastises Newsleaders for publishing hate-filled letter

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Christina Majaski Royalton I find it interesting that you would publish a hate-filled letter by Anna Robinson (Newsleader, March 2) but yet you say “inappropriate comments will be deleted.” I write for numerous online and print publications and am deeply offended to read something this ignorant in a publication where I actually live. You should probably reconsider whether you want

Please give generously during FoodShare month

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If there was ever a time of need and a time to be generous, that time is now. Even in the best of times, there are many Americans who face hunger through no fault of their own – such as people who have been laid off, people who’ve had medical or other tragedies in the family and others struggling against