All of us should re-learn tornado-survival tips

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Although Minnesotans – famously so – are a weather-hardened species, this past winter, which was practically “balmy,” has probably spoiled us to some extent. But let’s not fool ourselves. A benign winter is not necessarily the harbinger of a balmy, pleasant summer. A drought is possible, as are destructive floods. A lethal heat wave could develop, not to mention –

School-trust land reform on verge of approval, local politician asks support

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by Reps. Tim O’Driscoll (R) and Denise Dittrich (DFL) Many times those who hold public office are labeled as being too partisan and not willing to work together to solve problems. We’d like to share with you a story of how the Minnesota Legislature is working together in an unprecedented bipartisan fashion this session to bring about change that will

Re-introduction to fitness is a process

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I recently re-introduced myself to going back to the gym. I thought it might be one way of getting healthier. Energy is a gift of youth and one that as an adult I am missing lately. I’m 28 years old so there is still hope. Energy bars or drinks do not give me an added boost. They actually have the

Identity tax fraud is on the rise

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For many, the month of April means it’s “tax time.” With the 17th of April being just days away, there are some who are scrambling to make sure they have filed their taxes, don’t owe the government and if they do, have paid their taxes by now. As if getting through the process of filing taxes is not enough to

Restraining orders can be issued against harassment

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by Judge William Cashman Any person who is a victim of harassment may seek a harassment restraining order from district court. The parent, stepparent or guardian of a minor may seek an HRO on behalf of the minor. No family or household relationship is necessary to seek an HRO which, makes HROs different from orders for protection. What is “harassment”

As Senior Connection ages, it gets better and better

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They claim as people get older, they just keep getting better and better. Well, that may be a sweeping generalization, although it certainly is true in many cases. However, one thing is for sure: As the Sartell Senior Connection gets older, it does indeed get better and better, and there’s no doubt about it. During its first meetings years ago,

Restaurateurs face economic challenges, especially skewed licensing fees

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Betzy Gaetz, Owner, Anton’s Restaurant, Waite Park As the state slowly inches out of the recession, Minnesota restaurants and their 178,000 employees are still facing daunting challenges. The improving economy has resulted in soaring food prices; the cost of beef is up almost 12 percent in the last year, while the prices of pork, bread, potatoes and dairy products have

Poetry is worthy of celebration

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St. Joe is not “small” but is a thriving city, a true hub of growth. I wrote that haiku in celebration of National Poetry Month. That’s the month of April for those who might not be aware of it. National Poetry Month is a month-long, national celebration of poetry established by the Academy of American Poets, according to It