Editor’s response to those readers who call us negative

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I understand a few of you are – once again – upset by my columns and editorials. So I am too negative, you say? Too vitriolic? What about the negative, vitriolic slash-and-burn tactics of the extreme right-wingers and Tea Party wackos who have been attacking our president and virtually every Democrat in this country? Do you also take issue with

Reader chastises Newsleaders for publishing hate-filled letter

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Christina Majaski Royalton I find it interesting that you would publish a hate-filled letter by Anna Robinson (Newsleader, March 2) but yet you say “inappropriate comments will be deleted.” I write for numerous online and print publications and am deeply offended to read something this ignorant in a publication where I actually live. You should probably reconsider whether you want

Please give generously during FoodShare month

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If there was ever a time of need and a time to be generous, that time is now. Even in the best of times, there are many Americans who face hunger through no fault of their own – such as people who have been laid off, people who’ve had medical or other tragedies in the family and others struggling against

Letter to the editor: Americal Postal Workers Union

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The announcement by the U.S. Postal Service that the post offices in Waite Park, Bemidji, Duluth and Mankato are slated for closure would severely impact mail service in Minnesota and be especially harmful to residents and businesses that rely on timely delivery of mail. Also impacted would be the dedicated employees of the four facilities, their families and the local

Reader applauds ‘ticked off housewife’ comments from March 2

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Reader applauds ‘angry housewife’ comments from March 2 Frank Klein, Sartell resident I rarely comment on people’s opinions published in ANY paper. However, after reading Anna Robinson’s comment in your March 2, 2012 edition, I felt compelled to not only send a big hat’s off to her but also your paper. I don’t think I’d ever see this opinion published

Zimmerman got the last laugh

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Bob Zimmerman got the last laugh I’ve always wanted to interview Bob Dylan, but since that’s not in the cards, Margy Hughes is the next best thing. Hughes lives in St. Joseph and taught physical education at the College of St. Benedict for more than 30 years. She was a member of the Hibbing High School Student Council and gave