Response to ‘Student debt has become a crisis’

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Mary Jo Huls, Sartell In commenting on the article “Student debt has become a crisis” on the Opinion page in the Sartell Newsleader’s Friday, June 8 edition, I firmly believe our college education guidelines are due for an overhaul. The college programs, (which require some 70 credits in general classes before the student can enter into the program of his

Local event about more than free food

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Free food. Everyone likes free food. Heck, some people might not even like a particular event but if he or she sees a sign with “Free Food” on it, they are there. I am no different. Many like to think only college students are experts at staking out free food but they are not the only ones. I recently went

3D is cool but we’re on overload

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These days, it’s all about three-dimensional entertainment. Just about every other movie that comes out is in 3D. At first I thought it was just for films like “Star Wars” or “Jurassic Park,” but it seems motion picture companies are relying heavily on this technology for different types of films. My niece, Kendoll, loves the movie “Madagascar 2.” At 2

Transportation plan details future road needs

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There are a variety of components that make up a community. They include quality of life, business, city services and transportation. Cities plan in all four of these areas on an ongoing basis. While all are equally important, transportation has an entire plan devoted to it and St. Joseph’s was recently updated. An open house was held this month for

Internet can spread rumors faster than wildfire

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Misinformation and rumors, which used to spread rather slowly, can now spread like wildfire literally around the world in a split second. Internet social media are like vast gossip clubs where anything said is believed. A current example of that is the so-called “zombie virus.” According to a story on “Care2,” an increasing number of gullible, eager-to-believe people are espousing

Ryan’s budget reflects Rand’s silly philosophy

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In the world of Ayn Rand, there is a handful of super-achieving capitalist heroes, and then there’s the rest of us – the moochers, looters and parasites (three of Rand’s favorite words). In the world of Rep. Paul Ryan, there are the righteous money-making capitalists, and then there’s the rest of us – moochers, looters and parasites. It’s no wonder

13B canidate for Minnesota House of Representatives

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Shannon Schroeder Schroeder announces candidacy for Minnesota House of Representatives, District 13B Shannon Schroeder of Rice filed for the office of Minnesota State Representative in District 13B. Schroeder grew up in a middle class family in rural Todd County. She attended the College of St. Benedict and graduated in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and obtained a master’s