Court’s decision a blot on rights in this nation

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The trouble with the U.S. Supreme Court, at least in recent years, is that it’s too arcane for its own good – or for this nation’s. “Arcane” means “understood by very few; mysterious; secret; obscure; esoteric.” In other words – in plain words – it means “abracadabra” nonsense. On Tuesday, the high court ruled, in Shelby County v. Holder, that

Patriot Act powers must be scrutinized

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I wasn’t very surprised to learn the National Security Agency had such an all-inclusive surveillance network that included virtually every American’s phone calls and internet interactions. I wasn’t too surprised because as soon as I saw the Twin Towers falling down on 9-11, my dread horror was instantly followed by the thought our civil liberties are bound to be infringed

Pinecone Central Park impresses one and all

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Seeing is believing. Pinecone Central Park in Sartell was mostly just an abstract dream – that is, until last weekend when many people had a chance to see and to experience what a wonderful park it is. From June 7-9, the park’s baseball-field complex was the site of the “Pinecone Park Inaugural Baseball Invitational” tournament, with 14 teams of young

Achmann Lake is perfect setting

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[/media-credit] The sun shone on Saturday and the water was perfect on Achman Lake. It was just the perfect setting for Richard Gryczkowski of St. Cloud to dip his line into the water with the hopes of catching a big bass or two. But fishing was really secondary on this day, he said. He was just enjoying the serenity of

Saudi Arabia deserves worldwide condemnation

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Will Saudi Arabia ever join modern civilization? Or will it remain a virtual medieval country? Alas, the latter seems likely. Barbaric executions – most of them public beheadings – still take place in that country. Its “justice” system, based on Islamic Sharia law, is about as “just” as the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th Century, when so-called heretics were interrogated,

June 14 St. Joseph

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If any readers have tips concerning crimes, they should call the St. Joseph Police Department at 320-363-8250 or Tri-County Crime Stoppers at 320-255-1301 or access its tip site at Crime Stoppers offers rewards up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for crimes. May 24 8:30 p.m. Assist person. North College Avenue. Woman