Valentine’s card leads to love, marriage

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by Dennis Dalman In kindergarten in Albany, way back in 1986, a little girl named Stefanie Krebs received a whole bunch of cards on Valentine’s day from class chums, but she later threw them all away – all but one. The card showed cartoon character Garfield the cat next to a Teddy bear. On the back it was signed,

Newsleaders editor wins award

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Newsleaders Editor Mike Knaak was honored with an award in the annual Minnesota Newspaper Association contest. Knaak won second place for columnists in the contest among the state’s 300 weekly and daily newspapers. The award was for a selection of columns that included the conclusion of the Wetterling case, Rep. Tom Emmer’s rising status in the Republican Party and local

Feb. 7 Sartell-St. Stephen people

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Three area students have been named to the dean’s list at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse for the fall semester. The students are Hannah Yackley of St. Stephen and Neal Benson and Kaleb Myhrwold of Sartell. To be eligible, students must have earned not less than a 3.5 semester grade-point average and carried a minimum of 12 credits. Megan Bachman of Sartell

An inaccurate census could put Minnesota’s representation at risk

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Every 10 years, we get a chance to count how many people live in the United States. In addition to the basic count, we learn where people live and basic demographic information such as age, gender, race and ethnicity.   Governments use that data to fund and plan a variety of social, educational and public safety expenses. Most importantly, the count

Senators deliver crown: All hail, King Donald!

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Like fawning courtiers, U.S. Senators just handed over a crown: All hail, King Donald! That impeachment nontrial was a very dark day for America. The jaw-dropping moment of the farce came when Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz flailed his arms like a wind-up toy in his pretzel logic, which goes like this: In the Ukraine scheme, Trump was merely trying

Public notice: Sartell-St. Stephen School District Dec. 16, 2019 minutes

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TRUTH IN TAXATION PUBLIC HEARING SARTELL-ST. STEPHEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS DEC. 16, 2019 SARTELL HIGH SCHOOL WATAB ROOM 101-102 The public hearing for the proposed 2019 payable 2020 levy started at 6:02 p.m. called by Chair Jason Nies. Members present: Nies; Jeremy Snoberger, vice chair; Pamela Raden, clerk; Amanda Byrd, treasurer; Lesa Kramer, director; Patrick Marushin, director; and Jeff Schwiebert, superintendent.