Food shelves need your help all year long

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Assigning a month to a cause or concern serves to bring attention and focus engagement. That’s the case this month with hunger and food shelves. The Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign helps stock almost 300 food shelves statewide. In 2017, more than $8 million and 4.7-million pounds of food were donated. FoodShare gathers a pool of incentive funds donated by huge

Hockey is the real March Madness

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“How’s your bracket coming?” That question could be heard in every office and sports bar this past week as March Madness, also known as the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament, kicked in. After selection Sunday, college basketball fans studied the odds and bracketology predictions to pick the final winner in the 68-team tournament. But here in the State of

Time to act on 15-year-old school safety report

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It’s no surprise that gun safety measures aren’t going anywhere fast in Washington, D.C., or St. Paul. Republicans have shown little interest in action. In St. Paul, a sixth measure gun-related bill has been introduced by five House Republicans that would allow trained and permitted school staff to carry firearms. It’s HF3286 and no committee action has been scheduled. Like

We’re No. 2

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Top 10s, Favorites and Bests lists rank just about everything from cars to college degrees. Some of these are truly silly such as David Letterman’s nightly rankings on late-night TV. Lists aim to inform but more often entertain. Some are serious and useful while others are meant to energize debate and discussion. U.S. News and World Report has for years

Blame game hurts honest gun violence debate

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Connor Kockler After the horrific shooting in Parkland, Fla., on Valentine’s Day, we saw a nation shocked and horrified by yet more scenes of senseless violence. Another 17 innocent lives were lost, and many people’s’ sense of safety, damaged by Sandy Hook and Las Vegas, was further reduced. Once again, the debate over how to best prevent such incidents from

Reader responds to gun violence Editorial and Letter

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Kay Steiner, Sartell You are absolutely right Erin. Someone should have shown benevolence to Cruz when he demonstrated mental disability and anger and put out terror messages. For Pete’s Sake! This person was on medication, his “adoptive” parents were aware, the school knew, the FBI knew and the police knew. You are right! The students needed protection from police, FBI,