Time to turn talk into positive action

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Suspicion, fear, anger, even hate. When change and challenges confront us, those reactions sometimes follow. We’re again hearing white nationalist and anti-immigrant sentiment across central Minnesota including recent posters on the St. Cloud State University campus and in St. Joseph. Last week, the St. Joseph City Council backed a motion to build “a friendly, inclusive and safe community for all

How will 2018 be remembered?

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Protests in the streets. Cries of racism. Conflict in Asia and the Middle East. Chaos in Washington. A description of 2018? Maybe. But that also describes 50 years ago….1968. Commentators have compared this year to 50 years ago as a time of political chaos and civic strife. In 50 years, will people look back on 2018 as another turning point

Yes, Virginia, we do turn into our parents

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It’s often said we turn into our parents. Thus, in a kind of sweet revenge, they get the last word, the last laugh. Time and again, I hear myself “channeling” my parents’ words and phrases: “Where does the time go?” “Oh sure, you might know!” “If it isn’t one thing, it’s another!” “What is this world coming to?” My parents

The diet of Lent

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Sami Nicholson, Sartell Feb. 14 marks the beginning of Lent, the 40-day period before Easter, when Christians abstain from animal foods in remembrance of Jesus’ 40 days of fasting in the wilderness. The call to abstain from eating animals is as current as the teaching of evangelical leader Franklin Graham, yet as traditional as the Bible (Genesis 1:29). Methodist founder John

Fall election looms over legislative session

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The Minnesota Legislature reconvenes on Feb. 20 for a three-month election-year session. With a wide-open governor’s race and control of the state House of Representatives on the line, the November election will drive the debate. Kicking off the action, Gov. Mark Dayton proposed a $1.5-billion bonding bill for more than 218 public-works projects across the state. Later this month, legislators

With Super Bowl over, Vikings spirit lives on

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It comes around every year, and now it has come and gone again. The Super Bowl, arguably one of the world’s largest sporting events, took place last Sunday between two heavyweight competitors, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. Like last year, it was a race to the finish, with the outcome hanging on a thread to the very

Make your voice heard at precinct caucuses

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The midterm elections are 10 months away, but the first chance for voters to shape the ballot takes place on Tuesday, Feb. 6. That’s when political parties conduct precinct caucuses to begin the process of endorsing candidates, selecting delegates to conventions and staking out positions on key issues. Turnout for midterm elections is consistently lower than presidential years. But these